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GIA Style Alert // Soft and Elegance from JCNY

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Hello darlings.Lucky me that i managed to get back to you today ,but now with the usually style cards.I just want to show you a very very very interesting thing that i am sure you’ll love .Is a new release so this is going to be a style card alert.Come with me and let me present you the fantastic set.

How i said we are going to talk about a new release so that is what we are going to do.To be more specific we are going to talk about another fantastic design from the well known JCNY stored,created by the designer with the name Jd Hansen.I am sure most of you were waiting for this master piece ,a new piece in the Jcny summer collection.It took me 2 minutes to fall in love with it,and couldn’t wait to post in on website so you can see it too.Wearing the name of “Lady Patricia’this Jcny set is made from a fantastic necklace and a pair of lovely ear rings.

I am going to talk a bit with the up side hehe..i mean about the earings.A thing i love at the Jcny ear rings is that most of them are made from diamonds and pearls,and so did this one.I love how they bling ,giving you the look of a rich and elegant person.You will love how it will look on your ears,and like always i recommend you to wear it with a Up hair..or short hair ,don’t forget that people must see it.

Now comes the best part the necklace.This necklace is a bit different from the usual one,and i don’t think you will be see any other one looking like this.Made from a very chic soft fabric that is covering all your neck like a little scarf ending with a bow at the back.But the thing that makes this necklace impressing are the expensive diamonds all around it giving it the look of a necklace.I will recommend you to wear it with Only formal dresses,and important events.This set is a very extravagant one,ready to make you look amazing .

For making easier to fit it with the dress,the necklace come with a menu from where you will be able to change the color of the material.Now it’s so easy to use it ..The name of colors that are coming with the pack are the next:Chelsea,Autumn,Midnight,India,Loverain,FallGrey,Fuschia,Patricia,Savannah ,Temptation [you can see them in the picture too].All look fabulous and i am sure you will enjoy it a lot.

Don’t forget the set name is Lady Patricia and can be seen and bought at the Jcny mainstore,so why don’t you make a visit,your deserve to own it

-The new release Shops list-

Necklace : Lady Patricia Set- JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available as a new release Only at JCNY Store

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