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GIA Style Alert //The Perfect Bracelet

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Hello guys *group hug* i am back and ready to present you something that i am sure you’ll fall in love with.Every girl love accessories because of one thing : they can make you look extremely nice even if you wear a not so nice dress.They are the key of making us look amazing at a party ,on the street and even on the beach.Usually you can find very easy a set that is made from Ear rings and necklace,but the hard part comes when you are looking for a bracelet to fit the dress.You need to search a lot to find it to fit with the other accessoriesbecause everyone knows that you can’t fit gold with diamonds or with pearls they won’t look good.But i will teach you a trick and i will show you something very special a new release how i already say…

I am sure that you saw the Style card picture,and you absolutely now that the thing i wanted to present you is a new JCNY bracelet.It’s one of her newest release,because how you can saw in our previous style cards,Jd Hansen created a lot of new things for us ,and so did today.Looks like did time she preferred to work on a simple thing ,bracelet ,but this bracelet belive me can save our look when we don’t know what to wear.It doesn’t came with a necklace or ear rings because of one thing that makes it fit so good with all kind of accessories or dresses..

Let’s start with the beginning of it.You can very easy change the gems and metal colors in such way they will fit with everything you like from diamonds to pearls or simple accesories.In the same time you can fit it’s color with the dress too,so it will look a lot better.How you can see the bracelet has a very nice and interesting shapes,presenting some hears too[that made me love it a lot],and when you wear it you will see it’s so elegant too .You won’t want to take it off.One of the best bracelet i could ever see in second life,and of course is your chance to get them too and look great .

JCNY is one of the second life legend designer.She created best diamonds,best accessories and never stops amazing us with newest release.With the name of JCNY – Reckless Love, ‘PRIVATA Collection’ Bracelet ,you can find it right now as a new release at her mainstore.You won’t lose anything visiting it,and don’t forget to take a tour of her shop to see the other designs too ,one better than another.

-The new release Shops list-

Bracelet : JCNY – Reckless Love, ‘PRIVATA Collection’ Bracelet- JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available as a new release Only at JCNY Store

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