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GIA Style Alert // Traveling under sea..with Nicky Ree

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I think most of the shopaholics and people related to fashion were waiting for this fantastic moment.Most of them absolutely love her dress and can’t wait to see what’s next.And right now i am talking about the designer who change the fashion in second life,who is considered one of the best..the only Nicky Ree.I was so happy when i heard that she is going to release a new dress..i was imagining how good it will look.And in just some days i get an im from her..that the dress is ready.I was so happy to see it,it was exactly how one of my dreams became true.Now i am going to present it to you, because i already felt in love with it,and i want you to do the same thing.

Nicky Ree is one of the top designers around second life .She created for us the best dresses ever ,so we can always look good.Yesterday i got her newest release that is a fantastic dress inspired from the undersea.I think i can rate it as one of the best dress around second life,and more than this one of the most original ideas ever.With the name of Beautiful Galatea Sea Collection Peach Blue ,you will be able to find it easily at the Nicky Ree store.Belive me this dress will help you a lot with you fashion life.

And the good part is that you can combine it’s pieces in such way that you will be able to get different looks like the next:
Beautiful Svelte Galatea Svelte Gown
Beautiful Galatea Arabian Set
And 3 other looks..all looking one better than another.It will be so simple to look great.Or if you want to be original,you can mix the prims from the pack how you want,so you will be able to get an original look ready to be worn just for you.Isn’t that perfect

This dress inspired me in a lot of thinks.And since i am wearing it i really feel like a mermaid…or maybe would be better to say queen of the mermaids.It’s so elegant in the same time..and when you think that just with some little moves you can get it to be sexy..i don’t know what could stop a girl buying this.Like i already say my advice is to run fast to the Nicky Ree store and look for this fantastic dress that will bring you back to life.

There is one other thing that you will love a lot too.If we really want to be queens we have to wear crowns right?Well..that won’t be impossible with the new releaser.Because you can buy separately from the same store the *DNR* Beautiful Galatea Coral Crown Coral Peach .The crown is made so elegant from corals,that give it’s sea look.Belive me it fit amazing with the dress..and if you got the dress ,you should get the crown too it will just make your look a lot better i am sure of that.Same like the dress you can find it at the Nicky Ree mainstore..just be ready to be amazed from what creations you see.

So how you could already see,Nicky Ree amazed us one more time with her newest release that in my opinion is one of the best.Now we can travel under the sea ,and wear the coral crown with just a visit at her shop.But you know,to see it better you must own go shopping girls

-New Release Shop List-

Dress : *DNR* Beautiful Galatea Sea Collection Peach Blue- DNR / Designer : Nicky Ree
Available as a new release Only at Nicky Ree Mainstore

Crown:*DNR* Beautiful Galatea Coral Crown Coral Peach- DNR / Designer : Nicky Ree
Available as a new release Only at Nicky Ree Mainstore

Available starting with 13th August to Public
Available at the moment only for group member [discount 20% till the 13th August noon slt]

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