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GIA Style Alert //What girls love..

Posted in Fashion Review, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 5:36 am on September 22nd, 2009 by admin | 21 views

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Hello loves…for today’s style card i prepared something totally different from our usual style cards.It’s one of the newest release and the most amazing designs that will change our virtual life for ever.Is like adding a new piece to your old set that makes it look a lot better..that’s what i am going to present you today ^^.

JCNY..just reading it’s name will make you think at something super.The truth is that JD Hansen prepared another new releases..that is different from the usually jewelries.You know the white long wedding veils?They give the bride dress a fantastic look and your hair too.I think that’s what inspired JD to create her own veil..but not a wedding’s a new type of veil that is made from precious stuffs like diamonds[Don’t forget that girls love diamonds<3] and that covers only your eyes giving it a mysterious look .With the name of the JCNY - 'ROCKBODY, Hyper-Gems Couture Jewelry Veil it is the newest release from the JCNY mainstore,that is ready to conquered second life.You can wear it at different important parties,or if you were a sexy elegant dress...but with some little tips you can fit it with almost all just ELEGANT like all the other Stuffs. So ,after you read this card you should run to their mainstore and find the Veil ..but you shouldn’t forget that she created a lot of other amazing jewelries that makes our life easier everyday…because JCNY will always Rock^^ -Shop List- Available as a new release with the name of RockyBody Veil Only at JCNY Store

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