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GIA Style Alert//Ania is out at Laqroki

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Looking good is a ability that all girls must have,even if it's second life or real life.Personally I can't open the door without looking good,is something that keeps me inside.Today I am going to present you something that I am sure you will like a lot,is the Laqroki new skin,better then ever.So join me today in this style alert to discover a world of best skins.

Laqroki-When I hear this name I think at the top skin designer.They are high quality and they have all a women needs,starting with fabulous skin and ending with fantastic clothes.But a thing you should see and that I am going to talk about is the lovely skin they just released,I find it one of the top skins in sl.So today*opens the laqroki store door* I present you the LAQ ~ Ania [Peach] Glow skins.

Ania is fantastic.The thing you will love at it is the face it is so sweet,remember me about my 18 years hehe.And the best part is that you can't get it very cheap including all makes up ..and that's very important for us,because we know how hard can be to find the perfect make up for a look we this time Laqroki saved us.

Ania comes together with 10 makes up.It is just a game of mix and match where you chose your best.You can find even purple makes up to match it with pink-purple outfits.Red lips,black eyes everything is possible with the new Ania skin.

So my advice for you today is to go as fast as you can to the Laqroki skin and check the new skin you will love it belive me^^

-Shops List-
Skin: LAQ ~ Ania [Peach] Glow skins Full Pack-Laqroki/Designer – Laqroki
Available at

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