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GIA Style Alert//Osmose Hairs

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You might remember about Plume Hairs .They were known thanks to their avant garde styles. Well I am happy to tell you all that they are back but under another name “Osmose” .You will be totally impressed by the quality and style of all their releases. That's why I want to invite you all to continue reading this post to see more about what I am talking.

I am going to start with the first hair called “Argentina” .What made me love this hair is the very elegant style .For sure it's something that every women who loves fashion should include in their inventory .Give it a try !

The next hair I've got for you it's lot more avant garde. It is called Sauvage and I think it fits perfect for models who like to impress with their hairstyles .It might fit in different role playing regions too .The thing that impressed me a lot at this hair are actually the colors .Beside a variety of normal colors,you get some special 2 combined colors hair .This makes the new release a must have.

And the last release from Osmose is Fascination .A perfect fit for sweet girls.I am in love with the glitter on the hair , makes me feel like a princess .All the 3 hairs styles comes with many colors ,sadly I managed to present to you only some of them.

Well if you find these 3 designs interesting ,I invite you to try the demo at their mainstore .Many other wonderful releases are waiting for you .Ohh ..and happy new year to all my blog readers,xoxo Ama.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-
Hair: Argentina —Osmose/Designer:Fauve Beaumont
Available at Osmose mainstore

Hair: Sauvage —Osmose/Designer:Fauve Beaumont
Available at Osmose mainstore

Hair: Fascination —Osmose/Designer:Fauve Beaumont
Available at Osmose mainstore

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