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GIA Style Card // 100th post! Be flirty with Spork Designs

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During my typical morning shoppings – you know that I like to look fresh everyday – I stopped at a shop named Spork. It probably is the stunning decoration of the windows that decided me to get in. I didn’t know yet that I was entering a realm of beauty.

The shop is tres chic. Most of the outfits my eyes encountered were nothing but distinctive casual clothes. One of them though, caught my total attention since I never since I never saw such a design anywhere else.

The dress is actually named Angel Flight. It presents a clubbing style that makes you feel comfortable and let your body follow the vibes of some disco tunes… That is a really amazing feel. I was considering the dress as I met the 2 owners of the shop, Barbara Nicholls and GM Nikolaidis.

Barbara and GM presented me the dress, its luxurious feathers on the dress and eye-catchy shape. This outfit is the symbol of freedom : your body can dance forever.

I made myself the promise to get it! After looking at all the amazing colors, I went for the blue version for the simple reason that it fits perfectly my shape and enhances my silky legs. The fantastic prim skirt is made of fabulous laces surrounding and flexi blue and grey feathers. No doubt you will be the most sexy lady in this outfit! Your move dances will be unique thanks to the Angel Flight dress.

Few seconds after dressing up, I went to visit a club to see how people were looking like and the answer was quick : no feathers on the dance floor, no sexy disco dresses, no impossible high heels! Everybody was wearing similar skirts and shirts… As for shoes, they were wearing latex boots rather than elegant shoes. I was really disappointed when I left the club, hoping that one of these days I find a place where people don’t dare to show off their sexiness and unveil their true personalities.

I must confess as a fashion writer that this special Spork dress has all that one need. I think nothing would go better with this creation than some sexy-to-death, feminine pumps. For my style of the day I replaced the long latex boots with some awesome N-core design named “XtremeHeel Prelude”. I was instantly looking divine and absolutely irresistible! For the color I decided that the “sky blue” tone would match perfectly the outfit.I highly recommend to wear N-Core heels, it’s one of the rare must-have in a fashionista wardrobe!

For the hairstyle, I have been checking out the one-of-a-kind cut by Sky Everett, designer of the eponymous shop. The Kiera Black hair matches better with formal looks but will go well with glamour club wear as well. The hairstyle is clearly the result of a meticulous work by one of the best hair designer in SL. I really appreciate her work, I probably purchased dozen (if not all) of her creations. They are just AMAZING.

Fortunately when hanging around Spork, I was able to get a short interview with one of the creators of the brand, the wonderful GM Nikolaidis. He was nice enough to answer some of my questions.

ABOUT SPORK… (Style interview with GM Nikolaidis)

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Mister Nikolaidis, it is a pleasure to meet you. Since you are the designed behind Spork, I would love to ask you some questions. I’ll start with the dress I selected. Where did you get the idea of the Angel Flight dress?
GM Nikolaidis : The original Flight was started with a basic feather. I saw a photoshop tutorial and thought I’d like to try doing a dress based on it. After a few months, I decided I could do a little better, then Angel flight was born.
A.F: Do you plan on releasing new dresses soon ? When will it and will it be rather casual or formal ?
G.N: At the moment I have several unfinished projects. A couple of club/casual dresses and some swimwear. If I can keep out the distractions, they might be done this month :)
A.F: Fantastic, we really can’t wait to discover them! For you, what style defines best Spork brand? Casual or formal? and why?
G.N: Definitely casual. I feel it allows me more room to create something new, and not be constrained to what people think of as ‘formal’
A.F: When did you open your shop? And where did you get the idea of this unusual name ?
G.N: We opened in August of 2008 in a tiny little kiosk. I was at my little unnamed store and talking with my first customer, and wanted something short and catchy. “Spork” just fell into my head, and it seemed to fit
A.F: Do you consider to move to new location(s) ?
G.N: Not yet. We’ve moved several times while we were in our little growth spurt, but I need to focus on creating so I can fill the 2nd floor of our current store.
A.F: Ok Mister Nikolaidis, thanks a lot for you answers and I hope to get news from you soon!
G.N: Thank you, Amalia :)

Well ladies that’s it for today! I have been presenting this look that definitely paints the music world in a creative way. This have been possible with the outstanding designs by 3 of SL’s top brands : Spork, Sky Everett and N-Core. Check out closely their stores shelves… You never know which fabulous designs they are hidding.

Credits :
Photo, interview & fashion review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Hair : Sky Everett- Kierra Black // Designer: Sky Everett
Shop @ Sky Everett Designs Hair
Outfit: Spork- Angel Flight // Designer : GM Nikolaidis
Shop @ Spork
Shoes: N-core -XtremeHeel Prelude // Designer : Claire Messenger
Shop @ N-Core
Eyelashes: Spork-Tango Envy // Designer : GM Nikolaidis
Shop @ Spork

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