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GIA Style Card // 3 steps to become a beautiful bride

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We are almost at the end of your Bride week project,but we still have some secret to share you.We showed you amazing dresses all the week,as for today we presented to you something that will make you crazy after it,the Bliss wedding dress.So girls take your coffee,relax and be ready to read some amazing information about today's style cards..

Like I always do I'll start with some little things about the dress,this time got from the Bliss couture mainstore ,owned by miss Amutey DeCuir.I saw a lot of fantastic dresses one better than another,but finally I decided to present you girls and future brides the Shana Wedding dress.This style of dress don't use that extremely long veil is a bit more sophisticate then normal dresses and have a Rose Veil in front ,covering just a bit of your eyes.This dress is the best choice for summer,because it lets some parts of your body uncovered so you can style them up with different accessories.You'll love the back that is connected to the dress with a elegant bow.I loved this dress because it's extravagant look,you should try it I am sure you'll enjoy it…

We move on at a very important step in the life of a Bride the hair cut.It must be something different then the usual hairs,something that makes you shine on the carpet,something that express yourself.It isn't hard to find one of these as Sky Everett hides on it's shelves one of the best hairs.As for this style card I used the Sky Everett Designs-Kiera black W/lights.This hair I think is one of the best in second life for important events,this is why I used it some days ago in a previous style card.I love it,..and I love all sky's designs..

Before we end this style card ,like always we make a visit to our skin shop that gave us all this fantastic skins for this week.I am talking about the Soul mainstore and their new sasha model skin collection.It's so easy to use,because If you buy the fat pack you get all that pretty makes up ready to style up with your dress.For this bliss couture dress and Sky Everett hair I used from soul the Sasha_06B_by_Nany_Merlin.Isn't it pretty,and when I think that I own all that amazing make up pack I just imagine how lucky I can be..but you can be like me too with just a visit to their shopping time.

Lets make the final preparation..we have the bliss couture sexy dress,the sky Everett sophisticate hair and we shouldn't forget about the talented Soul Skins.Looks like we have all we need….good luck in finding your future husband

->Shop List<-
Dress: Shana Wedding dress- Bliss Couture/Designer-Amutey DeCuir
Available at Bliss Couture Mainstore

Skin: Sasha Full Pack Female skin- Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

Hair: Kiera black — Sky Everett / Designer: Sky Everett
Available at Sky Everett Mainstore

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