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GIA Style Card //A new way of being casual

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I realized a think..that since fall has come..looks like we left the formal style cards away..and i help you with casual looks.So i will do now but in a different way.i mean i have a very special shop that provided for me some fantastic skin and outfit and of course’s DeeTalez..if you love them..and want to see more..enjoy the cards loves.

DeeTalez is very known for their high quality stuffs.They make one of the best outfits-shoes and skins..and of course jewelries too.This time i used from their store a fantastic maybe a bit hmm..Emo inspired look..but anyway with that lovely scarf that is coming in the pack ..hmm..i would say it has everything a fashionista needs..and of course the color of the outfit inspired me to say that it looks amazing.Like i said at the beginning this is a casual look so it’s perfect for fall.Now the big surprise is that when you buy this pack you can get it with that fantastic sandals..that brings us back to the summer.They are exactly what we needed this time.So if you want to look crazy style casual..then you need to visit DeeTalez and search for the DeeTaleZ Outfit EAN DF052009053.

Next thing i want to talk about is the skin that is one of the newest releases of the same shop who created the outfit.I can name it the best skin from their store as it’s face and make up looks so so real.Skin April is fantastic for all type of clothes,and because of it’s high quality it makes you look like a true model.In this style card i used Skin April makeup 5 tan..but a lot of other makes up one better than another can be found at the store.

I didn’t leave because i still have some things to talk about like let’s say the hair.This amazing hair was designed by the truly talented Truth Hawks…the designer and owner of Truth Hair.He creates high quality hair that is making second life a better world for people in search of hair styles.This one is not a new release but it’s so fantastic that i wanted to post it with this look on website.>TRUTH< Gloria - cocoa can be found at his store together with other sexy hair why not to take a visit? And now we are quite close to the end..but the Pacadi bags are still rocking.I consider them best for any casual looks because they look very good and buying the fat pack can help you a lot with fitting them with your clothes.So as maybe you know Pacadi is rebuilding..but soon they are going to open a new fantastic store ready for you to jump on their designers.Until then [Pacadi Jasha ltd] Biassoni Bag are too cool -Shops List- Outfits: DeeTaleZ Outfit EAN DF052009053- Deetalez / Designer: Steffi Villota
Available at Deetalez Mainstore
(It includes the shoes+top+bottom+scarf in the pack)

Hair..>TRUTH< Gloria - cocoa -Truth Hair- Truth Hawks
Available at TRUTH

Bag: [Pacadi Jasha ltd] Biassoni Bag- Pacadi / Designer: Lotta Shelman
Available at Pacadi Store

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