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GIA Style Card // All styles fit The Closet!

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This place definitely has charm! The Closet by bambi63 Rehula contains an outfit for every kind of mood you may have. I couldn ´t help falling in love with all of it but finally I made it and chose two different styles to show the versatility of this creator.

The first one is a lady outfit in soft colours, delicate, frilly, kinda formal but fun. The skirt, wich I ´d also recommend in purple cause it ´s simply irresistible, has a cute movement on its prims, like floating around your legs. This pink blouse is an eye candy for anyone, but moreover its really useful, cause it ´ll match a skirt of this kind as good as your favourite pair of jeans.

The second style I made reflexes the funny side of The Closet, the homewear look, warm and comfortable, playful, but not forgetting looking pretty! This oversize pullover comes in different bright colour combinations, so anyone would surely get to wish one of them. Of course our proposal here is not the only possibility for this cool garment, it ´ll match denim miniskirts or any skinny pants without problem.

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Credits :
Review by Lalu Bonetto, GIA Stylist
Photo by Mischa Cuttita, GIA Photographer

[Style Card]

Style 1:
Skin: romi4 from Romi Juliesse
Hair: Ruby in jupiter colour, from TRUTH
Lashes: Bedroom lashes by Cake
Blouse and Skirt: ClassicalBlouse in pink and Frill
Skirt in blue, from The Closet
Shoes and Purse: Dee purse and DeeV2 shoes in pink, from Mz.

Style 2:
Skin: Lyla pale skin/ natural, from REDGRAVE
Eyes: SS_eye_series4_12 from SS
Lashes: Intuition from *AT*Hair: LoosePony in cherry brown, from JUNWAVE
Dress: NordicDress in green, from The Closet
Leggins: love-yoyoquilt spats, from *UnToqueQuilt*
Shoes: ballet flats in hot pink, from Shiny Things

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