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GIA Style Card // Always better with less than three!

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[lessthanthree] by Nykki Heartsdale and Faadal Mokeev has some of the most interesting skin collection I had seen in a long time. The makeup is the key…

I ´ve chosen these three examples to show you all the variety of sugar skins shades and combinations. They are each one a different tone: nerds tan has purple makeup, light has rainbow eyeshadow and pale is all “dressed in pink”. The funny look of these makeups made my imagination rise, so I decided to give them a “cabaret” look, matching each look with one of the undies included in [lessthanthree] collection too.

This shop has also a great eye collection which I have used for this post. They ´re realistic, shiny and good fitting. Hazel ones matched really good with purple makeup on nerds tan. To the light skin with rainbow eyeshadow I added deep blue eyes, one of the most combinable colour. And for pink colours, I used these awesome violet eyes.

Now you can look really original, colourful and more than anything…have fun!

SHOP [lessthanthree] !
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Credits :
Review and photos by Lalu Bonetto, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]

Style 1:
Skin and eyes : sugar [skittles pale F] and awesome eyes in violet, from lessthanthree
Lashes: DK lashes from Deviant Kitties
Hair : Cleo Wig in pink, from Zsa Zsa
Undies: tiny undies in berry sweet, from lessthanthree
Pedicure: Daiquiri Pedicure, from Skin Within
Shoes: Strappy Stilettos in pink, from HOC Apparel

Style 2:
Skin and Eyes: sugar [starbust light] and awesome eyes in blue, from lessthanthree
Hair: Cleo Wig in green, from Zsa Zsa
Undies: tiny undies in sour apple, from lessthanthree
Shoes: GALERIA SHOE MODELO 4, from Galeria Fashion

Style 3:
Skin and Eyes: sugar [nerds tan F] and awesome eyes in hazel, from lessthanthree
Hair: Cleo Wig in purple, from Zsa Zsa
Undies: tiny undies in grapity grape, from lessthanthree
Shoes: Zebra Heels in purple, from Riddle

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