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GIA Style Card // Are we getting married?

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Getting married is one of the most important moments in the life of a person.It must be perfect and you must look good..such an event deserves all the work.This is why i came to help you ,and i am going to present for you girls..all this week fantastic wedding looks.You just have to choice your favorite,and be ready to party together with your future partner.

One of the best places to start our search is at the Nicky Ree mainstore.She is a fantastic designers,that creates gowns and bride dresses too,the paradise of elegance.It’s almost impossible not to find what you are searching for.What i choose for this card,is one of her newest collection,the *DNR* Bridal Cabaret Star Collection in White .I bought the white one since is for the wedding,but you can find different colors,and all of them look amazing.Like you saw ,on the card are 2 different styles..but they are the same dress.This amazing design,can be transformed really easy in other styles like:Bridal Cabaret Star/Cabaret Star Dancer/Cabaret Star Salsa Dress/Cabaret Star Grand Long Gown.They all came in the same pack with the bride dresses.Is your decision if you are going to wear a long dress or a short one..or if you are going to be a bride or a gown .You have it,you just have to choose.Personally i think this dress is perfect for the wedding…but i advice you to take a look at the mainstore of Nicky Ree too,you’ll fall in love with her designs like i already did.

Even if it’s not necessary[in this case is] is very important to have some niceaccessories too that fits with the Bride Dress.No more a problem ,since we have JCNY near us.Jd is one of the most known jewelries designers all around sl,and she deserves that because her designs makes you feeling like they are asking for you.From her shop i choose an amazing set that includes a wedding necklace and 2 fantastic ear rings,covered with fantastic diamonds that will make you shine at your wedding party.The Lady Divine is the best set for the wedding from the JCNY mainstore,and i am sure they’ll fit in all dresses.You just have to buy it.As for the ring[JCNY saves us again like always]i found the amazing Athena Collection,that includes engagement rings and wedding ring.I love diamonds maybe that’s why i love this jewelries ..

As for the hair,i decided to present this week the amazing hair set by Sky Everett.That fantastic designers changed the definition of hair in second life,and amazed us with her new release.Almost everyone around second life owns her hair.As for this wedding dress,i wanted something special,like the dress,something sophisticated ,interesting and elegant in the same time.I found it really easy ,you just need to take a tour in her shop.The Kiera on black will fit in every elegant dress,because of it looks.I love to wear it with gowns too,or with cocktail dresses too,is too fantastic.After you’ll buy it you won’t want to change your hair cut.Again my advice is to visit Sky Everett’s mainstore,she has some others amazing designs too.

We got at our last point,the skin.Of course for this elegant dress you need a sweet skin,not something aggressive or to dark,something that makes you look nice,and with long eyelashes.You can find all of this at the Soul Mainstore,her new release [Sasha – Models Collection] is made from a pack of one skin with 16 different makes up that you will enjoy it.And the best part is that you can wear it with all styles,but i selected this time to wear it with the wedding dress[Btw i am wearing the should get it too it’s amazing].Of course like always Soul mainstore hides other fantastic skins,that made second life look better..just take a look and be prepared to amaze yourself.

The final questions is:Are you ready to get married?If yes ,that run and buy your Dress from Nicky Ree,your rings/necklace and ear rings from the famous JCNY,make your haircut at the well known Sky Everett and don’t forget your make up from Soul skins.Together with all this think you will become in just some minutes of a shopping one of the most beautiful brides around sl..good luck ^^

-Shop List-

Dress: *DNR* Bridal Cabaret Star Collection in White -Nicky Ree/Designer: Nicky Ree
Available at Sky Everett Mainstore

Wedding Accesories: Lady Divine/Athena – JCNY / Designer : JD Hansen
Available at JCNY MainStore

Hair: Kiera black — Sky Everett / Designer: Sky Everett
Available at Sky Everett Mainstore

Skin: Sasha Full Pack Female skin- Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

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