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GIA Style Card // Back in the past..

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 9:57 am on October 5th, 2009 by admin | 11 views

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Today i will present you an imperial look created by the designer of the fantastic store Tres Beau.Elegance,Gold,Victorian look that’s what you will find in this style card..

The long dress style is the one that i always loved.When i am wearing it i feel like i am returning in the past’s fantastic.I was really happy when is saw this gold dress at the Tres Beau mainstore.It is exactly what I was looking for.With the name of Tres Beau “Couture”it comes in 2 different style the long dress look and the sexy one.Anyway this time we used the long dress,as it fits with all the other stuffs we needed .So why not to visit Tres Beau Kimmera Madison is always creating new stuffs for us ^^

We go on at a lovely part of the style card the accesores.Adding some pearls or diamonds can make this dress look a lot better.This time CCD[caithlin carter designs] helped us with some of her newest release . Actually the first thing I loved at this diamonds is the name”Amalia' my sl name is Amalia Foxtrot..i was honored to see my name on this fantastic accessories of a great designer.The Amalia comes with the elegant Diamonds Necklace,fantastic ear rings and bracelets.I wanted to make this look a bit more royal so I decided to wear one of the CCD crown too the CCD – Crown – must visit her mainstore one of the best ^^

These weeks I found a shop that amazed me with the high quality of their shoes..i am talking about the Bella Donna,who makes for us fantastic realistic shoes.The best part at them is that you can fit the skin tone with yours easier..and you can chose your nails colors to fit your dress .It's very simple to use .This time I used the .:Bella Donna Poison #9..because I loved it's elegant look.You should try too..with a visit at the Bella Donna shoes store that can be found in the Glance mall too.

And the last thing we are going to talk about is the skin.How you may realized this skin is a fantastic creation of the Unique Megastore[Ex —Soul skins].One of their newest model skin named Alexya that is coming with one of the best makes up In second life.The only thing you will have to do is to visit her store and find your perfect skin..i am sure it's there ^^

So ..we have Tres Beau with the lovely Dress,CCD with elegant accessories ,Bella Donna with best shoes ..and unique megastore with realistic skin

-Shops List-

Dress: “Couture”/Designer: Kimmera Madison
Available ONLY at Tres Beau Shop

Accessories :Amalia Set – CCD // Designer: Caithlin Carter
Available at CCD Mainstore

Skin: Alexya female skin —Unique Megastore /Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Unique Megastore

Shoes: Bella Donna Poison #9..- Bella Donna/Designer- Squinternet Larnia/ Erpla Prieto
Available at Donna Flora Mainstore

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