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GIA Style Card // Best summer dress..

Posted in Fashion Review, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 3:39 pm on July 21st, 2009 by admin | 20 views

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After one week of presenting only bride dresses I almost forgot how is to present a casual outfit.But you know..i learn fast so I needed just some minutes to get back to my usual style cards,and I have for you guys some tricks ready to impress you.Everyone is looking for the perfect summer dress,personally I like to combine that dress with elegance too .That's true,during the bride week amalia hid from you some little outfits that MUST get in your wardrobe .It depends on you how far you got,as for me I almost bought half of designs of each shops [lol I am a shopaholic I know].Let's pass over it,and come together with me in the amazing place of summer designs.

Like I always do ,our first step is the outfit,that's a absolutely design of the famous Indyra [All that's indyra rocks ,trust me ].Looks like it was time for her to release a summer design ,as all of us are looking for one.The outfit in the picture is named Demeter: Platinum.One thing that impressed me at the dress was it's style .Even if it comes in different colors[one better than another] I preferred to own the white one[I like how it looks on me].You will love the bustier,that looks like is made from some expensive diamonds .It gives you such a nice summer look.I advice you to wear it every time you have the chance,because it's to beautiful to forget it at home.I loved it from the first time I saw it,and so will you after you will make a visit of the amazing Indyra .

I still not finished with the surprise as this dress helps us a bit at styling.It comes with summer shoes,with bling option or not.The shoes lets your nails uncovered,so you will have to wear a good pedicure .Again like the bustier the shoes are made with some diamonds too,but at a smaller scale .I loved that bow ,covered with diamonds it's so elegant .If you are looking for summer heels,again Indyra hides the best in their won't be bad to take a visit ^^

As we go on we make another important stop the accessories.Do you know who helped us with this? The amazing ByKay designer.She makes some amazing accessories.I wanted something white..because we started with a white dress,then let's continue on the same color this time.It was easy to find in her shop 3 accessories I really needed : Necklace[~Naomi (Natural Pearl & W. Gold)] Ear Rings [Geneviev] and of course the fantastic ring [Lauren (Natural Glow – W Gold].
Is true that at this dress I preferred to stay more on pearls that diamonds,is just because I love how they look.As I visited the ByKay mainstore ,I know what other fantastic accessories are there ,but do you know?

And like always we finish our Style cards with the amazing Lollipopz hair [in the last time I wear just her designs because they are so sweet]..and I am so happy when I hear that she is creating more everyday lol.Usually I wear long and curly hair,but this time I got a Up hair and not curly at all,but amazing for the Indyra dress.The LollipopZ Dark Diva– Black is the best choose for a summer dress,so my advice is to go and buy it too .Isn't it lovely?

You see ? I prepared an amazing Indyra New release dress,some fantastic ByKay accessories and of course the lovely Lollipopz hair.Now've got our summer style ..but there are some other that are waiting to get on website.So try to get as soon as possible back here to read what's new from your stylist Amalia Foxtrot <3 -Shops List- Outfit : Demeter- Indyra/Designer- Indyra Seigo
Available at Indyra Mainstore

Accessories:: Naomi Necklace/Geneviev Ear Rings/Lauren ring -ByKAY/Designer- Kayleigh McMillan
Available at ByKay Mainstore

Hair: Dark Diva- Black – Lollipopz / Designer: Zeev Dinzeo
Available at Zeev Dinzeo Mainstore

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