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Belive me, I know how hard it is to find the perfect outfit for professional meetings. I know that sometimes it can take up to few hours and you STILL cannot find anything suitable. You then get angry because of all the horrible clothes in your closet…

While I was dealing with this particular matter looking for a nice outfit around the agency’s sim, I found an amazing store named Indyra Originals, owned by Indyra Seigo. And when I am saying the word “amazing” I am weighing my words. After getting a tempting look at the collection displayed on the sim, I decided to go and visit the mainstore. There, I was surrounded by hundred of elegant and high quality materials, each fashion piece being more appealing than the other. My eyes were looking around, totally seduced by the racks full of cute casual clothes, wonderful formal gowns and very sexy lingerie. I said to myself “you certainly reached the fashion paradise… This is the place for you, Ama!”

That is probably at this time that I chanced upon the outfit of the day, the beautiful “Urban Agenda.” It is the essence of the working girl, both extremely professional and feminine. I had a large choice for the colors and the patterns, but I went for a black, leopard outfit. Indyra probably knows that some of us do not like skirts so much, so she puts inside the set matching pants that still makes you look chic. For those of us who like both options, she made the choice harder : should you match this delicious top with skirt or pants ? Your fashion, your decision!

One of the main question that comes with the executive style are the perfect shoes. Usually I would go for black heels but it might be a headache to find THE right pair, that you both love and that does look good with your outfit. Once again Indyra’s store came to my rescue with the fantastic shoes called Olivia in black. This pair gives to my virtual professional meetings a brand new dimension. First, it goes well with both pants and skirt – so you don’t have to worry about purchasing two pairs with your business suits sets. Second, you will get all your colleagues to admire you!

Indyra’s newest release, the Urban Agenda and the shoes Olivia are for me a first class choice for the refined busy woman (and I know we are many on the grid!) To perfect this look, I would suggest a modern Armidi’s bag. If you want to push the posh side of the ensemble, why not getting some big black sunglasses ? Trust me, this funky touch will leave your co-workers speechless.

Lately, I managed to get a short interview with Accountant Adzebills, fashion representant of Indyra Originals store. In this interview, Accountant talks about her relationship with Indyra, tell us more about her family and reveal us the some exclusive news on Indyra’s next releases.

ABOUT INDYRA ORIGINALS… (Style Interview with Accountant Adzebills)

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Miss Adzebills, thankyou for taking the time to meet with me. I do write for GIA Style Blog and would love to ask you few questions about you and the brand that you manage.
Accountant Adzebills: Of course Amalia. Always a pleasure to speak with you.
A.F: Thank you. Tell me, since when is Indyra Original shop opened? And from where came the idea to create such an amazing place?
A.A: Well, its funny that you should ask. Indyra (Seigo, the designer of the brand) started in SL in June of 2006. Her mother-in-law introduced her to the game and thought it would be a great place to develope her art. Indyra is my RL sister and she’s literally been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She’s woked with many different kinds of raw materials and eventually went to school to become a graphic artist. Once she learned the controls in SL she was up and designing about a month later
A.F: Is she actually working on new outfits? From where does she get inspiration?
A.A: We live in America, and our dad lives in Europe. He sends her lots of fashion magazines with amazing pieces. She loves to look at fresh designs. but she doesn’t like for her designs to be influenced by anyone else’s work. This being said, you’ll probably never see Indyra out even just “looking” in any other designer’s store. She loves to be inspired by her mood, and always tries to design for the masses. She doesn’t have a niche that she designs for. So she’ll make a couture dress one day, then she may make a funky club wear piece the next week. She wanted everyone to be able to find something they would love to wear when they enter her store.
A.F: Let’s talk about the outfit I selected today, the Urban Agenda. I find it to be a professional outfit, would you agree with me on this statement ? Do you know how she had to idea to give it life and form and how long it took to do this ?
A.A: Well we were talking one day early last month about how there aren’t any good pencil skirts out. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great skirts out, but most fitted skirts usually involve the system skirt. I told Indy to try making the pencil skirt using a longer prim piece. She played around with the idea and came up with a great skirt. The leopard print hehe- she made with another designer friend in mind *waves to Ashoka from Phoenix Rising* . She always thought that Ash did great animal prints and dedicated that outfit to her.
A.F: Oh, awesome! Can you tell us when will the next design be out ? I can’t wait to see it!
A.A: Hmmm the next design…. Actually she’s working on several. Indy will be releasing the Demeter dress in pastel colors and in Platinum.- just in time for wedding season. Speaking of weddings she also working on a wedding dress for a special client. She normally doesn’t take customer requests for designs because it would be way too time consuming -but I forced her to do it *laughs – and its going to be awesome. The dress color will be exlusive to this particular client I belive, but she will make the dress available for sale in another color. If I’m remembering correctly, this would be her 2nd wedding dress she’s created.
A.F: It sounds great! Thank you so much Miss Adzebills for your time. It was a real pleasure to chat with you.
A.A: Anytime Amalia!

One of the problem that we have to get rid off together next is the hair cut. Do you remember this movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic where there is a girl with an incredibly adorable and yet professional hairdo ? With this image in mind I went out, ready to grab some great looking hairstyle. It didn’t actually took me long since I found the ideal cut at TRUTH, store designed, owned and operated by Mister Truth Hawks.

Julie is an impeccable hair style that goes well with any executive suit. I went for the “sahara” tone on today’s style card photo, but I would advice to wear the “espresso” one if you go for big sunnies.

Thanks to Indyra Originals and TRUTH we perfected a clean, stylish look in a matter of minutes. And you probably know better than me, time is money 😉 You do not have any reasons not to sign up those contracts! The business world is waiting for you and you are going to impress it in style!

Photo, interview and fashion review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Outfit: Indyra – Urban Agenda / Designer : Indyra Seigo
Shop @ Indyra Originals
Shoes:Indyra – Olivia in black / Designer : Indyra Seigo
Shop @ Indyra Originals
Hair : Truth- Julie / Designer : Truth Hawks
Shop @ TRUTH
Skin : Belleza – Belle sk Smokey / Designer : Tricky Boucher
Shop @ Belleza

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