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GIA Style Card //Business Style-Bolero Show

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This Sexy and sofisticated suit from Bolero, its AMAZING….. the tailored look its wonderful to fit any woman curves and its gives a feel of elegance, the well done Jacket its flirty and the fringes in the bottom of the shirt its beautiful, the tailored pants has an amazing print its subtile and its really different of what we ussualy see… wich is awesome cause in SL we all are looking for unique pieces!!

This wonderful Sonia outfit its the perfect match for night outs, shopping sprees, and even to give the Business look a wonderful touch!!!
The most wonderful thing about this outfit is that brings separates wich means we can mix and match some of its parts to make new and original outfits, cause its always fun to play with fashionable pieces to fit our personal style!!

The wonderful Lace skin it reminds me of a clasic look make up with an edge, the pale skin with the dark make up its a beautiful contrast to the strong outfit, the outfit brings wonderful accesories such as gorgeous earrings and bulky chains that makes the look POP!! The hair is from Vanity a wonderful unique hair shop, that brings the full outfit together with this dramatic hair do!! its original and Flashy and makes the style worthy of a movie star!

So lets go live our faboulous Hollywood style Lifes with this amazing Sonia outfit.


Suit: Sonia from Bolero (Includes earrings and Chains)

Skin: Nuuna’s skin Red Lace

Vanity Hair: Sadie2 *essence*
Vanity Hair

Shoes: Ballerina Heel Cage

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