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GIA Style Card //Can i be sexy?

Posted in Fashion Review, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 10:21 am on August 23rd, 2009 by admin | 21 views

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Hey Guys :) How are you all today?I prepared for you a style card that i am sure you’ll fall in love with .Something casual that will make you feel so comfortable and elegant too.It’s something that i am sure you’ll love.Let’s go on and let me present you what i have in my surprises inventory hehe

Like in everyday style card we will start with a thing that you will love,and i am sure that you already saw it somewhere..yes it’s the outfit.An amazing creation of Kira Ahn,the designer of the well known shop[Ka]Design .At her store you can find one of the best outfits all our second life,high quality and so realistic will love them.After i made a long tour of her shop i decided what i want to present for today it’s about the amazing [KA] *Mara* Dress ..It can be found on different colors so you an choose your favorite..but i decided like usual to get the black one since it was my favorite.A think that made me love at this outfit is that i can get back to the casual-elegant look they are rocking..and that belt is absolutely fantastic.You should go and buy it’s to amazing..but don’t forget that they always have new releases so you should see them to..stay in the same step with the fashion ^^

[Ka]Designs creates not just outfits but some accessories too.For example this time i was lucky to find the fantastic bag i was wearing it.The best part is that it fits super with the rest of the look and is so easy to wear it.You will have to choose how to wear it on shoulder or as a handbag.The material is so elegant ,that will make your dreams come true.With the name of [KA] BAGS *Phyton*you can find it at the [ka]Designs mainstore .If you choose to buy the black outfit you should get the black bag too,because that will be the best choose for this.

Another thing that makes [Ka]Design so good is the skin and eyes.With a visit at their store you can buy outfits,bags,skins and eyes too.Isn’t that fantastic?like a little mall in the shop,sounds like fun.You can find different skins ,different makes up you will have to choose which one will fit the best for you.In the style card picture i used the one named [KA] SKINS V3 -Jennifer- Sunkissed-med/Light Brows/Make Up 01.Usually i wear blue eyes,but i told myself that for this look we should make change.So i chose to wear this time the [KA] EYES *Dark brown* they look so amazing.If you like high quality skins and fantastic eyes,[Ka]designs is your best choice for this.

The next thing i want to talk about is the hair.It was so easy to find the one to fit to the style,because Lollipopz has a new i made a visit ,and take a tour of her shop.Of course all her designers were rock,but this hair that i chose made me fall in love with it.I wanted something a bit different,not the usual long hair or pony tail..something simple and short ..found it ..and felt in love with it.It was exactly the thing i needed,the look i was dreaming of.You can find it at the Lollipopz store with the name of LollipopZ Brave..and then it comes to chose your favorite color.You will have a long list one better than another just that you will have to decide which one fits you the most.As for this style card i used the black one..think it is the best..

We always have to wear different accessories if we want to look cool.A simple thing added to our look can change totally our style and that was what i did today.I found a fantastic glass shop,maybe one of the best named Role Optic.There you can find all kind of glasses at different price,it is the paradise of the persons who are in love with sun glasses[and maybe i am one of them since i created this style card].As for this time i decided to wear the ROLE OPTIC SG-60 Princess ,because it was so elegant and it was looking so sweet with our look,made me love it from the first time i saw it in their mainstore.Since then i try to use them as much as i can,because i know it gives me a elegant shopaholic air,and i absolutely enjoy it.If you are looking for your perfect sunglasses..or simple glasses..Role Optic is waiting for choice just for you..

Before i end this style card i want to show you one more thing and the last for today :the shoes.Maybe they look very familiar to you..and that’s true i used them in the style of the week too..and the coincidence made that they fit in this style card.I love them because they are simple and easy to use.They are fantastic with the style and look so good on my feet shape ..and of course i am sure they look amazing on your.You will love the shape of the shoes,they are truly elegant and that made my rock with them on the street hehe.They are named B&G WOMAN SHOE BETSY and they can be found at the B&G different for this Style card i preferred the black one..looks like today i stood on the black color hehe..So my advice for you is to run at their mainstore and look for your favorite will love them all hehe

Skin [KA] SKINS V3 -Jennifer- Sunkissed-med/Light Brows/Make Up 01- by Kira Ahn
Shop [KA] Skins

Dress: [KA] *Mara* Dress -black-/ by Kira Ahn
Shop [KA] Designs

Bag : [KA] BAGS *Phyton* -black-/ by Kira Ahn
Shop [KA] Designs

Eyes : [KA] EYES *Dark brown*-/ by Kira Ahn
Shop [KA] Designs

Hair: LollipopZ Brave -Black- Lollipopz / Designer: Zeev Dinzeo
Available at Lollipopz NEW Mainstore

Glasses : ROLE OPTIC GLASSES PRINCESS — Role Optic / Designer: Rohal Schnyder
Available at B&G Mainstore

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