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GIA Style Card // Carribean Cruise

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With clothing and accessories that radiate with a colour vibrancy, a healthy and liberal slathering of SPF 30 sunblock is needed to walk through the doors of Emma Gilmour’s beachy clothing store, Sand Shack Surf Co.

Filled with kitschy and charismatic clothing items that show off those sunkissed limbs, Surf Co. as the product offerings definitely lend to casual, relaxed looks.
In addition to being the darling behind the splashy SC brand, Emma Gilmour designs chic products and accessories for Armidi as Hudsen Armidi – a telling display of her range of design ability.

Inspiring today’s Style Card, the Cabana dress conjures mental imagery that takes wearer’s mind away to summer scenes set against the sun-soaked backdrop of royal palms and full-bodied hibiscus bushes lining beachfront boardwalks, or along the deck of a pristine white and far-reaching cruise ship destined for an exotic port in the Tropic of Cancer.

Photo and fashion review by Kingston Augustus, GIA Stylist


For store locations, see SLurls page.

  • Skin:Fashionably Dead: Dark Skin, Cat Silence by Toast Bard
  • Hair:TRUTH: Ruby, Java* by Truth Hawks


  • Dress: Sand Shack Surf Co.: Cabana Dress, Blue/Yellow by Emma Gilmour
  • Shoes: Periquita: Funny Girl Flats, Cyan by Erpla Prieto


  • Necklace: Armidi Gisaci: Zimbabwe Necklace, Techno by Nicole David
  • Earrings: +plus: Plastic Earrings, Yellow by Helena Compton
  • Bangles (left wrist): +plus: Delicious Happy, Fruity by Helena Compton
  • Bangles (right wrist): +plus: Delicious Bangles, Fruity by Helena Compton
  • Bag: Pampered Princess: Green/Orange Bag by Lolita Bellman

* Discontinued texture

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