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GIA Style Card // Childishly sophisticated

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*DP Serendipity by Masuri Dryke has that innocent style that reminds us of our childhood. Mum telling you to pull up your socks, making you put the pullover on… But also those colourful sunday dresses we always messed up in one afternoon.We chose two different styles here.

The first one is a warm and huge green tartan dress combined with purple capri jeans, dotted scarf and funny colourful bootees. This figure with girly babydoll upper part and a sophisticated detail is so fashionable now, so get on it!

The second one is a bit more formal but comfortable feeling, with a marine touch on the stripped pullover, and flared capri tweed pants, a cut that goes perfect with heels.
Both of these styles match with the same look, a simple high ponytail, and will look great with any other hairstyle for sure!

Shop *DP Serendipity !
Credits :
Review by Lalu Bonetto, GIA Stylist
Photos by Danial Guisse, GIA Photographer

[Style Cards]

General Styling :

Skin: Mai skin_ine, high G, from JM-Mai
Hair: Jun brown, from DEJAVU
Eyes: SS_eye_series4_12
Lashes: lashes Intuition from Aphrodite Creations
Earrings: bekko* amber pierced, from *chicoco*
First Look Details:
Dress: Green Tartan 2, from *DP Serendipity
Pants: 802 Pants in purple, from *DP Serendipity
Bootees: Patchwork Bootee from UnToneQuilt
Second Look Details:
Pullover: Uniiq Marine in Blue, from *DP Serendipity
Pants: Nep Tweed Pants, from *DP Serendipity
Shoes: Starley Pumps in emerald, ETD Shoes
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