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GIA Style Card // Dancehall Queen

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Product of the pulsing nightlife, the dancehall aficionado suspends the mundane and enters a world of the notoriously superficial and brazenly conspicuous club culture filled with scantily-clad fashion mavens. Lips pursed in concentration she winds and grinds in the hypersexual dance dictated by the pounding baselines delivered through the turntables of the resident DJ, the “Selecta”, Grand Poobah of the provocative dance proceedings.

Reflecting of a musical culture that speaks to sex, money, and the trappings that come with both (did I mention sex?), dancehall fashion requires three things from the fairer sex: first, the constant and never-ending process of testing boundares to reinvent and reassert individuality amongst the crowd; second, wearing revealing and eye-catching finery that leaves little to the imagination and advertises one’s prowess; third, renouncing submissiveness to look fierce as f*ck, ready to step onto the floor or into the center of the street party, effortlessly drop that booty and have “all eyes on me”.

Where else can one turn to find the apparel to support such a look? I headed straight to Cynful by Cynthia Ultsch for something that might merit Lady Saw‘s stamp of approval and elevate one to Dancehall Queen status? Today’s Style Card starts with the high visibility yellow of Cynful’s Neckholder and escalates into flamboyance with heavy, rainbow-tipped lashes and scripted body glitter.

Can someone say “dutty wine“?


Credits :
Photo and review by Kingston Augustus, GIA Stylist


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  • Skin: Rockberry: Uma, Dark by Heather Beebe
  • Hair: Armidi: The SuperPony by Lola Marquez
  • Eyelashes: ZsaZsa’s House of Beauty: Dipped Tips by ZsaZsa Withnail
  • Nails: Candy Nail: #P025 Tresor, Red by peche Bury


  • Shirt: Cynful: Wrapped Neckholder, Yellow Sheer by Cynthia Ultsch
  • Shorts: League: Booty Shorts, Dirty by Nena Janus
  • Shoes: AOHARU_Walk: Enamel Buckle Gladiator, Gold by machang Pichot


  • Wrist Band: Love Soul: Wrist Band, Simple 1 by BlueStarRUI Villota
  • Body Glitter: Mask&Feather: Body Glitter by dzogchen Moody

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