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GIA Style Card // Donna Flora

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 5:38 am on October 1st, 2009 by admin | 42 views

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Today we will travel a bit to the past,not to long just some years and i will present you the fashion from that period ^^ with the help of Donna Flora Store.

Donna Flora is known because of her fantastic vintage designs that helps us see that the old fashion still looks good in this days.For that i went to her shops and get some stuffs to show you how elegant you can get ^^.You shouldn’t forget that the designer is a professional so i am sure you will enjoy this style card.Let’s start with the dress that is named * Donna Flora * VIRNA salmon that is made from a pink elegant skirt,a fantastic pink hat[you can see that pink was really important color in that period,and was worn just by people who where enough rich to afford it] and a sexy top.Together they create the old look that i am in love with.

Do you know that at her shop you can find some vintage hair styles too?Everything is so cool there,i love to look at her designs because they remember me of how beautiful that women were.The hair style i used is a simple one and is named MARLENE hair dirty blonde that can be found at her mainstore together with a lot other lovely hairs.I think you should see them all.

We still have some surprises there,as this is going to be a 100% Donna Flora Style card her shop i found this lovely pair of shoes.As i heared she works in collaboration with Erpla Prieto that is another fantastic creators.Of course you can find her designs too at the Glance mall ^^You should visit them too.But let’s get back to the shoes,they are named :Bella Donna Poison #3:..and how you can see are very elegant made from pearls like the necklace i am wearing.I really wanted to use them so they can fit with the rest of the look.Try to wear some demo’s and find your perfect Bella Donna Shoes..because it’s so hard..all of them look fantastic.

And here we are with the last part of our style card the accesories..i never forget this part because i love playing with them hehe.Like the rest of the set it is made by the designer of Donna Flora,and actualy are like always made from Pearls.I know that in that periode pearls were some elegant pieces that ll women should have at her home.That’s why i used in this style card the Donna Flora LUMIERE necklace n.2 and the Donna Flora LUMIERE earrings for me ,together they creat the most lovely Set i ever saw..and you should know..they are vintage too hehe.

So after you read this i am sure you know who Donna Flora is,she is master in vintage looks and is always amazing us with the new releases.You will see that her shop is one of the best in the vintage category ,because you can find all you need there ^^

-Shop List-
All the items presented in this vintage style card can be found at the

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