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GIA Style Card // European Flair

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Styling Tips – Today I’m going to show you simple, affordable clothes… Yes! Actually with little money you create a look suitable for any cold day. From head to toe a tweed jacket, trendy black jeans and immaculate, beautifully textured boots. While the black jeans are pretty basic and could give a cold appearance, the green sweater is here to warm just anyone and remember you are a friendly guy ready to start a nice conversation!

This season, no need to get plenty of prims and attachments, just go to the (style) essentials : quality textures, casual hairstyle matching your facial hair nuance and sophisticated boots. The result present a nice european style.

Review by Jhao Oh, GIA Stylist
Photos by Brutus Martinek, GIA Photographer

[Style Card]
Skin : (Dernier Cri) -DC- Cole: Cream – Full Chin Hair
Hair : >TRUTH<>black & whites<>TRUTH<>
Pants : * Aitui – Reborn Slacks – Low Rise /Onyx/
Jacket : Meriken Co. Tweed Blouson Mint
Shoes : TRUTH<>

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