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GIA Style Card //From Donna Flora with love

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This style card that i am going to present you today on the Glance Website is inspired from the vintage period and is going to rock the modern one because it has everything a girl needs starting with elegance and ending with sexiness so let’s see what i have for you today.

Like always most of items i got from the Donna Flora store..since she is one of the best in the vintage dresses.She created high quality and very nice textured stuffs one better than another.This time i decided to present you something from their newest release..something that remembers me about the Russia…the * Donna Flora * TONIA .The fantastic dress can be considered a formal dress or a casual one..depending where you want to go and with what are you going to wear it.

In the same store you will find the best hair style for it…because if you want a vintage one you need to buy it from the same store.The CATERINE hair dirty blonde is a dream came’s fantastic style remembers me about the old times and makes me feel proud that i own it.

Now..even if there are a lot of jewelries shop Donna Flora has her little corner with lots of surprise too..This set made from a fantastic gems necklace and a pair of ear rings are the perfect choice because like the rest of the brings you the victorian style.It fits very nice with the dirty blonde hair and of course with the elegant black dress.So the Donna Flora MADERA set is another fantastic set you must own in your inventory if you name yourself a fashionista.

Let’s talk a bit about the shoes.Since i saw them i felt in love with it.They are a must have..and if you are smart why don’t you buy all the collection ,they look fabulous.Just take a look you can observer all the details,it is made in such way they almost become true.Of course with the help of the hud they will make your skin fit better with them and select the nail colors too.As in this style card i used the .:Bella Donna Poison #2 at the Bella Donna store you can find a lot other too..

And the last thing we are going to talk about is the fantastic skin that is an amazing creation of my favorite designer Unique Megastore[as known in the second life world as Soul Skins].They created fabulous designs that will let you with your mouth model makes up..that’s what they give us.This time i used a not very colorful make up as i wanted to stay on gray..and i was saved when i saw the if you want to see the other model skins too..why don’t you make a visit at the store or read the previous style cards

-Shops List-

The Outfit named * Donna Flora * TONIA ,the CATERINE hair dirty blonde ,the Donna Flora MADERA set and of course the Bella Donna Poison #2 designed by the 2 fantastic designers : Squinternet Larnia and Erpla Prieto can be found at the Bella Donna Mainstore

Skin: Sophie_M13_sexy_breasts_by_Nany_Merlin- UNIQUE MEGASTORE/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Unique Megastore

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