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GIA Style Card //Girl Surprise Box

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 2:44 pm on November 26th, 2009 by admin | 69 views

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Hello Darlings<3 In today's style card I have something that will let you with your mouth open.Best designer of outfits in second life meets best hair designers and together creates this awesome look..come with me and let's see what baiastice has new and what's the perfect match from truth hair.

Baiastice is known all over the world for it's high quality stuffs.Well the good part is that they have some fabulous new releases I want to talk about.I will start with the lovely Baiastice_Breitschwanz Jacket .This jacket can be found at their store in different colors [black;brown;grey] and in 2 different styles so it makes your job easier when you want to chose some accessories..just find the perfect style and wear it.Another new release was the Baiastice_GeG-Mini dress ; a very very sexy mini dress that will let the guys around you with the mouth open.If you think you are fierce and very sexy this mini dress will be the best for you.It can be found in the next colors: fucsia;grey;liliac;orange;white;yellow..

Our list still goes on with another new release the Baiastice_Pyton slim.The thing you will love at this pants is the style and the material..snake skin The pyton pants are available in a lot of colors and goes fantastic with the jacket and mini dress they releases..just chose what's your color:black;blue;dark cian;dark gold;gold;grey;purple;red & finally wine.

And we are ending the new release list from Baiastice with the mega-cool Baiastice_Revolver short jacket .The revolver jacket is a fantastic design for preparing for the next season winter.With it's style will remind you about summer hot nights..but it's colors and fur will remind you about winter.And of course it is available in 6 different colors:dark night;gold;rainbow;red bronze;silver & sky

We make another step and we talk now about that well known hair designer who helped us with styling up the upper part of the body..the hair.It is well known all around second life ..he is Truth.I visit his store a lot and that's how I found the Truth Yvette — espresso..Yvette is the perfect hair cut so so casual and so sexy …so I couldn't say no and decided to wear in today's style card.If you liked this hair watch out..truth has a lot of new releases every week

Shoes are very important for us girl I found B&G simple black heels that opened my eyes and made me wear it today.Boys and Girl is a very known store because of high quality footwear ;and that's one of the things that brought me to them.So if you are looking for stylish and very high quality heels you should give a try to B&G WOMAN SHOE BETSY — NEGRO.

I am sorry to say this but I am going to finish this style card with another thing I love the skin.I am sure that just looking at it and you already know what it is.. absolutely Laqroki like always in the top.This skin is named LAQ ~ Drew 01 [Peach] Glow skin and is their newest release.So my advice for you is to take a tour of their store and find your best skin ;they are pro in that.

-Shops List-

Jacket: Baiastice_Breitschwanz Jacket -Baiastice / Designer : Sissy pessoa
Available at JCNY Store

Mini-Dress: Baiastice_GeG-Mini dress -Baiastice / Designer : Sissy pessoa
Available at JCNY Store

Pants: Baiastice_Pyton slim -Baiastice / Designer : Sissy pessoa
Available at JCNY Store

Short Jacket : Baiastice_Revolver short jacket -Baiastice / Designer : Sissy pessoa
Available at JCNY Store

Shoes: B&G WOMAN SHOE BETSY — NEGRO.- B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore

Hair: the Truth Yvette — espresso.-Truth Hawks
Available at Truth Hair

Skin: LAQ ~ Drew 01 [Peach] Glow-Laqroki
Available at

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