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GIA Style Card // **GizzA** Summer Angel

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Hello everyone. I havent posted in ages because of many rl issues and I still have limited time in sl :( Also my exams are starting in a week and I just dont have enough time to study. But lets not talk about the sad stuff – instead lets talk about this amaziiiiiing dress!

I can say without hesitation that this summer dress is one of my †favorite. The colours are just effin’ beautiful and so bright! The material is so flowy and and ahhhh…speechless :) Giz Seorn is a fab designer for sure! She also releases new stuff very often which means theres always something new in the store:) You can buy the dress † here.
The jewelry. Now now… who could have created such a stunning jewelry set apart from Yula, the very caring, †lovable †and super creative designer behind Finesmith Designs ?? This jewelry is called Summer Powder and you can get them separately over here. They are at a very affordable price and are a must for this season! Theres also the same version but in different †colors †: Ocean Winds and Desert Winds.

This really pretty turban is from Lagyo in purple color. I love the cute brooch it has, holding the two sides together and the whole piece is carefully sculpted. You can buy it †here. Lagyo also receive the BOSL award for Best Fashion Accessories – so be sure to check it out :)

These cool sunglasses are from Fishy Strawberry. When i first wore them, they were humongous so I had to make them smaller quite a bit lol
Here’s the tp.

Oh! Nearly forgot about the flats I’m wearing. You cant see them here but I’ll be making a separate post on them. They’re the new release from LWL by Faint Paulse. The textures are great and the fit really really well on the foot. They’re called the Geological Flats.
A little †description: “Delight in these geological treasures, sewn from uniquely dazzling metals and decorated with gems. A one of a kind treasure from LWL. The HUD changes the colors of the gemstones, †piping †around the top edge of the shoe, the logo on the bottom, stitches (6 options) and ruffled detailing.”

You can buy them †here or in Culture Shock.

Thats it for today. Hope you enjoyed :)

Love, Ange

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