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GIA Style Card //I am hiding my beauty….

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Hello guys,for today style card I wanted something hmm special .I refused to present casual dresses ,I wanted that amazing Masquerade one.Because sometimes can be extremely hard to find the set that fits the best for this kind of party.The guys will love your look hiding under a fantastic mask .Join me and let's see what is all about

Moxie Polanos amazed me with the designs.Since I entered the shop I spoted this fantastic dress,that I would say fits amazing for a Masquerade party.It looks like it is inspired from the old time,but with little modern changes,that give it a better look.The MP Indra Gown Coque Red[because that's it is name ] is a unique design around sl that combines together old times with modern one,giving you a elegant and mysterious look too[what can be better than that].The thing I loved at this dress is the color: red,because most of dress come in colors like black or white.Looks like Moxie changed a bit this thing,and decided to design a red dress .I love how it looks on my shape,and the feathers are so elegant[I love feathers in the dress,and furs too lol].How you can see in the picture the top part is half covered ,and half covered just in the important parts.In this way you can find some great necklace[I recommend pearls] and fit it with the dress ,it will be really easy to see.Of course I love the red gloves,that makes this dress a lot better.

From Moxie Polanos I bought the amazing mask ,named MP Queen of Hearts Mask.I think the mask is inspired from Alice in wonderlands I don't know why, but I think I saw something like that somewhere in cartoons.Anyway good choice ,because the mask fits with this dress extremely well.I love that crown and poker cards on it ,a really good thing to cover your face with,and the most thing is that the mask make your lips and eyes look so so sweet..You'll discover all of that after you visit the Moxie Polanos mainstore.

As we go on,I am sure you already saw that amazing necklace and earrings and of course the super bracelet too.Like I adviced you a combination of pearls and diamonds will fit the dress,and that can be find very simple at a famous designer shop named Bandit.The 3 accessories come in one amazing set that I advice you to buy: JPB Bandit Jewelry-Akita Black Pearls Set.As I saw in the shop you can buy it in different colors,but I think this one fits the most the dress,or at least is my favourite.I really enjoy it' style half white pearls and then continues with black pearls [is like that good vs evil ^^} .and ends with a precious diamonds that let me O.O .Isn't it fantastic ?You must visit the Bandit mainstore,they have some fantastic rings too ^^

Maybe you are asking yourself from where I got that sweet hair.I don't know if it was released yet[but I hope so ]but is an amazing design from Lollipopz hair.I think they are one of the best hairs around second life,you can find all style there long hair ,short hair,medium ..curly how you want you just have to take the look.The best part is that the designer is always working on new hair ,always improving her way of designing,and she will always amaze us with the newest release. LollipopZ Violet Black is a black up hair that fits a lot this style.I would recommend you to buy it ,it will look good on you too^^.just take a visit to Lollipopz mainstore,and take a look at her lovely designs.

Like we always do,we end with the fantastic skin [I know you like this part,because personally I enjoy writing it lmao].This week and the next,I'll have a great time posting the Soul skin new collection Tiffany.The thing that made my fall in love with that skin pack is the makes up ,that is a necessity in the life of a model.Soul helped us a lot,and created for all models and stylist this skin,that is beautiful ,sexy and easy to wear on any shape.If you buy the full pack you get the amazing shape too ,and the super sweet eyes[ so real] ..go and take a visit of soul [or visit the style card alert that we just posted with her new collection] choose your skin [or the fat pack]and buy it,you won't regret at all^^.

Are you guys ready to party?Moxie polanos gave us the amazing dress and the sexy and mysterious mask.We shouldn't forget about the well known Bandit shop that sent us the lovely set of necklace+ear rings+ Bracelets ,and the super soul model skin Tiffany.And of course the lovely Lollipopz hair ^^Find your guy,and wait to be invited to the party of your life ..<3
-Shop List-

Outfit : MP Indra Gown Coque Redr- Moxie Polanos/Designer- Moxie Polanos
Available at Moxie Polanos Mainstore

Accessories:: JPB Bandit Jewelry-Akita Black Pearls Set-resizable -Bandit/Designer- Anthony77777 Bandit
Available at Bandit Mainstore

Hair: LollipopZ Violet – Black- Lollipopz / Designer: Zeev Dinzeo
Available at Zeev Dinzeo Mainstore

Skin: Tiffany female skin – Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

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