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GIA Style Card // Indian Style

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Sometimes we feel the urge to get a new style and to reinvent ourselves. Lately, during a shopping trip around a sim, I went into a shop owned by the fantastic SySy Chapman and quickly found myself amazed by her latest creations.

While my eyes were running all over it, a little voice continuously spammed me, shouting litterally “you NEED to get me.” Obviously, I couldn’t resist and purchased the outfit pronto.

The dress presents a unique, ethnic style, that few designers know how to cary, I’m talking about the uniqe bollywood flair.
The “Anais” dress is an indian-inspired design, with bright colors and flowers covering its soft and beautiful textures.

When wearing it, you will transform yourself in a very special person with the intimate conviction that nobody else will look like you in the world! The dress “Anais” comes with 3 different colors: Green-Blue, Green-Pink, Orange-Yellow. I would highly recommend it to fashionista all over the world !

I was thinking that maybe I could make a tribute to the Amerindian heroine in my head, Pocahontas by transforming this dress into an exotic style. I then found the shop of Bella Bombast, designer of the dashing UZURI jewerly collection. I decided that it was time to put together natural jewels and get an unusual look. To perfect my ensemble I used her newest bracelet , the “Porini”. For my earrings i wanted some big and rounded ones, so my choice was the “Torsade” earrings from the same shop. Last but not least, I added the lovely necklace “the Nahla.” With such an outfit, mother nature will surround everywhere you go!

ABOUT THE JEWELRY… (Style Interview with Bella Bombast)

Here is a small interview with Bella Bombast about her gorgeous jewelry shop.

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Bella, I am really happy to meet you. I would like to know where you find inspiration to design your fantastic jewelry ?
Bella Bombast: Hi, Amalia, same for me :) Hmmm… I have all my ideas from the street.. I mean, I live in Paris, and this type of jewelry if very common there, because, at least, of the huge arab, and african communities who live there. So, I wear that type of stuff myself… I had the idea to adopt that style in SL because I didn’t find it anywhere else :)
A.F : I know that you are planning on releasing new accessories… Will they be in the same style as the current ones? When will they be it out?
B.B: Of course, I must stay in the same line… that’s Uzuri’s identity. I think it will be ready today or on tomorrow. I create my stuff really fast, sometimes a few minutes are enough. The longest part is to have the idea. :)
A.F : Thank you, we will keep GIA Style Blog readers in the know of your future fashion treasures!

There is actually an other thing that makes this style shine and this is the skin. Besides the amazing skin designer, Kinadra Skytower is a best friend to me. And I must tell in total honesty that her skins are very distinctive. Kinadra is the owner of Untamed Skins, the shop where I found what I am showing today : “Tara (star).”

You absolutely have to check out the back of the skin. I know Kin have been working hard on it and it shows! I choosed this skin because of its natural makeup and impeccable lines. The pink lipstick gives the avatar a femininelook, it will enlight the face with a smile! I’m suggesting that you pay a visit at her shop, I am sure you’ll find a skin you’ll fall in love with.

Let’s end up this style card with the fantastic shoes by N-CORE. The shoes, named “XtremeHeel Prelude” have a special menu. With a simple click, you can change the color of the pair, the color of the nails, the tone of the legs’ skin. You can get a total new look thanks to these impossible high heels !

I personally really enjoyed my pair of N-CORE shoes. On the photo, I am presenting 2 different colors : sky blue and orange. Even though my style of the day is definitely ethnic chic, you can associate the shoes with anything more formal : it will fit perfectly your upscale gowns.

If you appreciated the style card of the day, you have absolutely no reasons to wait : Sysy, Uzuri , Untamed Skin and N-core are waiting for you! Shopping time for you ladies 😉

Credits :
Photo, interview & fashion review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[ Style Card ]

Hair : [LeLutka]-JESS Hair – Chestnut Brown by Lelutka
Skin : Tara(star) by Untamed Skin
Dress: SYSY’s Anais sets by Sysy
Shoes: .XtremeHeel Prelude by N-Core
Bracelet -Porini -Uzuri
Ear Rings-Torsade -Uzuri
Necklance – Nahla -Uzuri
Shop @ Uzuri

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