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GIA Style Card// Inimitably says bye bye

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What we have for today?Great and bad news too.what's so great? InimitablyDesign has a sale at their store(and everyone knows that they create some fabulous stuffs).The bad part? InimitablyDesign is having a Closing It may be the last time we see them on the market.So if you like their designs you should run as fast as you can do the store and buy the stuffs you won't regret believe me.

So what I have here for today?The InimitablyDesign / Outfit SpicyGirl Vivian. This outfit can ,for sure,be named a high quality and a must have in your inventory.What you will love at it?The style, that very sweet bag that is includes in the pack and of course the mega cool white shoes.And this must be the time to get it because as I said the store is closing down.and they have sale…so you can be very stylish by spending just a low number of lindens. So my advice for you is to open the search box or just tp directly from the GIA website to their shopping time girls.

I love a lot Truth hairs. He made me fall in love with his designs since I started my stylist career because as I know his store was the second or third I started working with.For today I have the Rebecca — espresso .I used it in several style cards because it's style is amazing and the color fits with my skin. Btw did I tell you that truth redecorated his store?Run there and see what's new will love it more glamorous this time.

And the last thing ,as it is not a long style card ,is the Laqroki Skin. It's their latest collection and how you remember from previous cards I presented it with full makes up.Anyway I was wearing the LAQ ~ Tasha2 – 08 [Peach] Glow skin (hairbase), just looking at it and you will see why I love them so much.

So for today's card we had a big good bye from Inimitably but the best part is that they are having sale..the new redecorated truth main store and for sure the fabulous newest skin release from Laqroki.All of them requires your attention so is shopping time .

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot (GIA Head Stylist)

-Shops List-

Full outfit: Outfit SpicyGirl Vivian – InimitablyDesign / Designer : Mell McMahon
Available at InimitablyDesign Mainstore(ON SALE)

Hair Rebecca — espresso. -Truth/Designer-Truth Hawks
Available at TRUTH

Skin : LAQ ~ Tasha2 – 08 [Peach] Glow skin (hairbase) -Laqroki
Available at Laqroki Store


Pose(left): Z&S FEMALE Z40 STAND-Zeb&Sly/Designer-Zeb&Sly
Available at Zeb&Sly Pose Store

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