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GIA Style Card //Laqroki style

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 5:39 am on October 14th, 2009 by admin | 17 views

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Hello guys and girls*big warm hug* even if here is crazy raining for almost one day…and i feel like the rain will never stop..i still made the style of the way ,as it is a priority in my life.Today i will have a special card for you as we are going to present the Laqroki look so stay with us if you want to see more ^^ you are going to love this because i already did.

Laqroki represents one of biggest names in skin /clothes/hair designer.Their mainstore is like a little mall under one name where you can find everything you need.So i did for this style card,but this time i will start presenting you the skin.For me Laqroki skins are the best because they fit perfect my shape so i can see all details.In this card i used the LAQ ~ Alison 04 [Nougat] Glow skin (hairbase).Belive me if you want to look great you must have this skin,is one of the best i saw.Of course at their mainstore you can find different makes up one better than another ..but for me this one was the best.

For a better look with the skin i used a laqroki hair too.It’s not the usually sophisticated hair’s simple,elegant…for me it was perfect.How you can see because of the hairbase of the skin the hair looks even better..and the texture is fantastic,it looks so real.With the name of LAQ ~ Claudia hair it can be found at the Laqroki mainstore but don’t forget to take a look at the other ones too they are fantastic.

We go on at the fashion part..and i will start with the outfit.Is not a very sophisticated one i find it very casual but very sexy too.You can wear it almost everywhere..when you go shopping,when you are at work or when you have to go to an interivew.It’s fantastic texture together with the perfect fit of the prims make it a very usefully outfit.In this card i used the beige color of the LAQ ~ Cowl Neck Dress that it’s available at the laqroki mainstore ^^ together with other fantastic colors of the fantastic outfit.

And now for the end i have something fantastic.Maybe you was asking yourself”Omg..from where are that boots” because they look extremely real..and they look even better if you get them in second life.You can see how carefully it was made so you can see all the details.And in my mind it was the perfect choice for the sexy laqroki outfit.Like most of the things there LAQ ~ Beige Knee High Boots can be found in different colors just have to find your best for what you are going to wear^^

Laqroki is the name who changed everything in second life.They are one of the best in everything and that makes the life of a stylist and shopaholic a lot better…actually now we have where to go shopping^^

-Shops List-
All the items presented in this style card[skin-Alison;Hair-Claudia;boots-Beige Kneww High Boots;Outfit-Cowl Neck Dress] are available at

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