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GIA Style Card // Lovely teen style

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 8:55 am on October 22nd, 2009 by admin | 50 views

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There are two things in fashion that makes me feel casual looks and elegant formals.In this style card i am going to teach you how you can get damn sexy just with a visit at a lovely store named AMG BOUDOIR..

The store named AMG BOUDOIR is famous for the various stuffs they creat starting with hair-outfits-skins-shoes and a lot others.Like in every style card i will start with the outfit.I love to use new releases and so i did this time..i find them the most special things in a shop.With the name of [AMG BOUDOIR] Classic Tight Polo outfit *Grey* i think i am wearing the summer version of you can wear the long part of it making it look a lot more specific to fall.How you can see this sexy casual look become a great look for business with adding a pair of jeans and the lovely black vest.And it looks even better when you are wearing it..

From Amg i got this fantastic hair.When you get at their store you will find a store just with hair made by them one better than another.But this time the one i used was the one that impressed me and found it the best for the today’s style card.I used the black color version if [AMG BOUDOIR] ELENA Hairstyle ,and i must tell you that it fits fantastic with what i wanted to created.The best part is that it gives you that teen look ..very honest,very simple,very lovely…and i am sure that’s what we want right girls?

Now comes the part i want to name the best from the AMG Boudoir ..the shoes..They create one of the best shoes i ever saw..the texture they use makes them look so so real.And if you get the color change version is like you are god,because you can mix and match it with every outfits..doesn’t metter the color at the end the shoes are the best part.If you zoom on the heels you can wear how perfect they are..because you can see all the like you would like them in real.With the name of [AMG BOUDOIR] VALENTINES Heels can be found at their store..together with other fantastic shoes.

And now we will end our style card with my sexy skin designer from Unique Megastore[EX-soul].How i already said she creates some of the most fantastic skins.This one is a piece from the Unique Megastore model skins.That’s why Sophie_M13_sexy_breasts_by_Nany_Merlin made my dreams come true.And yes from now you can get all skins with the sexy breasts version that is looking even better than the other one..and i am sure that soon will see a lot of other collections too.

-Shops List-

The Outfit,Hair and Fantastic Heels are all designed by AMG Boudoir and can be found at the Available at Unique Megastore

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