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GIA Style Card //Make our style a bit fierce

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For today i am going to present you something more special than the usual style card dresses.I am going to show you an amazing maybe dark look,but that is really elegant,and i am sure you must have it

For that amazing dress,i made a visit to the famous Addoro shop,i am in love with that shop owner by miss Mew Denimore.Like always it took me a lot of time to find an amazing dress presenting a unique look ,and i did it.In her shop i discovered this dress named XEENA,that i think is one of her best creations.Elegant ,dark,sophisticated and sexy that are the words that describe the best this dress,and i am not kidding at all.

The Xeena is a formal dress,made from black texture and the leopard texture on the skirt and the scarf.The scarf is made from fur,and gives you a very elegant look.I advice you to wear this dress only at important events because you will shine around,it’s to beautiful not be seen.

Do you know what’s the best thing? we don’t need anymore to look for accessories,because the dress comes with an amazing necklace that look amazing with that elegant scarf,and with some bracelets .I love the bracelets because they are over the gloves..and give them a very nice look. I am sure that Addoro hides a lot of other amazing designer around her shop,so make a visit and find the one that fits your style.

I am not leaving yet girls. let’s continue with that sophisticated hair that i am using for this photo shoots,isn’t it amazing?You can find it to if you make a visit to the shop named Je*Republic,owned by the talented Jungeun Vella.All her hair are can find from casual hair to the most sophisticated hair around second life.

The hair Tarae-IIII is a sign of elegance and as i think it’s inspired from the oriental culture .I love how she designed this hair,and i love how she decided to make the hair cut,i helped me alot for this style card.I advice you[if you want to use the Xeena dress from Addoro] to buy the black color,because it looks amazing with the dark dress,a blonde color will destroy it’s nature .and i am sure you want to look great an unique ^^.
As i know Je*Republic is open 24/7 so go and take a visit,and let the magic of the hair get inside you

Before we finish this style card we will travel around some skin shop.Personaly i stopped at the famous *Your Skin and Your shape* their skins are so realistic,and i wanted something unique for a unique look right? I am in love with the way they create the face so realistic ,and i love how it looks with the black dress
.Are you lips still red?
The answer is yes,with this amazing skin your lips look better ,and now you can proudly say you are unique.I love that is not a very tan skin,but a very pale neither.Is in the middle of the 2 categories,and maybe this is one of the secrets why it fits the look.Like the other shops,the shelves of Your skin and your shape,are hiding a lot of other secrets,one better than another,i wanted to see it with my eyes and made a visit.I won’t tell you what i saw,it’s my little secret,go by your own and you will enter the paradise.

The dress is a long one that coveres your feet,but if you want to wear some high heels i advice you to wear something black,because you can’t use something colorfulluly,they won’t fit,and since almost all the look is more for black..try shoes with the same colors,and it won’t be hard since most of shoes are made with this color.Have fun shopping for shoes.

I presented you today one of the most amazing and sophisticated looks around second life with the help of the famous Addoro Shop,the amazing Je*Republic hair cut and the realistic Your skin and your shape.Now it’s your decision if you are going to be angel or devil with your boyfriend always it’s SHOPPING TIME !<3 -Shop List- Dress: Xeena – Addoro- Mew Denimore
Available at Addoro Store

Accessories : Xeena — Addoro — Mew Denimore
Available at Addoro Store

Hair: -Tarae-IIII- Je*Republic-Jungeun Vella
Available at Je*Republic Store

Skin : -Your skin & your shape— Monyka Benelli ,Moncuzza BabencoAvailable at Your Skin & Youe Shape Store

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