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GIA Style Card //My Own Rebel sl

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There is a style that everyone is looking for.People want to look cool,to be the best and to have that rebel look .Even if it may sound a bit hard to find this things ,Amalia is here and prepared for today’s style card some amazing tricks that you will love.Since today you won’t be anymore that boring girl ,looking in her wardrobe and trying to mix and match different stuffs,since today i’ll help you and transform yourself in that rebel rocking girl.We are going to throw out all the very light colors like yellow ,red and white..and going to play with black and gray .In the same time i’ll take you to view some amazing heels that i am sure you’ll fall in love with .This is the easy party,but the question is do you dare to transform yourself.??.we will see after this visit.. ^^

If we want to look rebel ,we need to start with a rocking outfit.As for this i went to the famous Blacknoir shop own by miss SAMMIEE Gee.As you can see i left the very light colors away and moved for today to the dark colors like black and grey.First of all i selected that amazing top wearing the name of (BN) Moss Def T shirt dangerous black ,that in my opinion is the best choose for a Teen look.While i was shopping in rl i saw a lot of people wearing that kind of black holes leggings.I find it easily at the Blacknoir shop that too ,wearing the name of (BN) Seamless Holes Legging.I knew i don’t need to much things for this look so the last stuff i bought from the BN was the gloves (BN) blacknoir gloves DARK GREY.Together this stuffs create a fantastic rebel look,ready to make you rock on the street.

The next thing that is very important in this look is the hair,it must be something special i may say it must be something rebel.I can say it was extremly easy to find a hair like that,because Lollipopz is always waiting for us with new hairs.It was enough a tour of her shop to find the best to fit this look.With the name of the LollipopZ Acid Night-Black ,i think you will absolutely fall in love with this hair style.You must make a look at Lollipopz they are hiding the best hairs there

A think we shouldn’t miss in such a style is the glasses.They help us a lot covers our eyes when we cry ..or giving us a cool look.As for todays style card i made a visit to the famous shop of glasses SteinWerk .After a long look at the amazing glasses you can see their i finally choose the one to fit with what we need the [Steinwerk] – Fee.I loved a lot it’s shape and how it looks on the nose.And in the same time i enjoyed this style a lot more after i started wearing the sunglasses.Belive me you won’t lose anything if you visit Steinwerk ^^

The last thing what we are going to talk about today is something that will amaze you.How i told you at the beginning we are going to try a fabulous pair of shoes.This time the shop that helped us was the lovely B&G.Belive me ,that shoes will be the new Must have of the season.They are creating the shoes so carefully that you almost belive that they are real.You can find at their mainstore everything you need,all kind of shoes you think about.But we needed something more particular today,some black heels,and surprise i found them.The B&G WOMAN SHOE ALBA – NEGRO COPY/NO TRANS are the perfect choice for this look.A think that made me fall in love with them was the lovely flowers on them ,that have in the middle a little diamond.Isn’t it pretty?And so are all the b&g shoes..

It so sad to end the style cards ,for me is the harder part because i always have a lot of things to tell you ..but that’s it..i’ll have to end it.But i’ll remind you that all these shop are open 24/24 ready for you to visit them ..Blacknoir,Lollipopz Hair,SteinWerk and B&G, all the 4 shops helped us a lot creating this rebel look that i am absolutely sure you’ll enjoy.I loved it,i want to wear it everyday ,my friends liked it too ..and i am sure so will you Like always i am going to tell you girls and boys have nice shopping and see you tomorrow with new surprise,because Amalia loves you all*waves*

-Shop List-

Legging/Top/Gloves: BlackNoir-BlackNoir/ Designer: SAMMIEE Gee
Available at BlackNoir

Glasses: [Steinwerk] – Fee- Steinwerk / Designer: Aveline Stein
Available at Steinwerk Mainstore

Shoes: B&G WOMAN SHOE ALBA – NEGRO – B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore

Hair: LollipopZ Acid Night-Black – Lollipopz / Designer: Zeev Dinzeo
Available at Lollipopz Mainstore

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