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GIA Style Card //Paparazi

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 2:21 pm on August 31st, 2009 by admin | 85 views

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Hello guys,long time since we talked about a casual outfit,as usual we are elegant and we are all wearing formal dresses hehe.But for today i have a new release from Uk couture,ready to be presented to you let’s don’t lose the time and start the card..

Uk couture,makes some fantastic outfits and this is why i decided to use one of them in this style card.I wanted something simple,something casual and that’s how i found the -UK- Couture – Elika Couture Red.The good part is that it comes with Sun Glasses and of course with that little bag .I love to wear it when i go shopping or simple..just when i go in the city.

The heels,can be found in the same shop Uk couture.You can see it in the outfit adv. too .With the name of -UK- Couture – Phoenix Couture Shoes Slate you can find it at their mainstore.So my advice is to take a look at it ,and at the other shoes they have too.

As for the skins i went to the Unique Megastore[Ex Soul skins].You remember the 3 model skins?Sasha,Tiffany and Desiree,well this time i came back to Sasha,since i didn’t use it for a long time.I use the natural make up because it fitted the best,and i think this skin is the perfect choice for this outfit.

And now we will have to end the style card with the hair.Created by the designer of Lollipopz,i was very happy to see it when she sent it to me.It was exactly what i needed,the hair from lady gaga Paparazi,i felt honored that the owner of Lollipopz designer it for me,so i wanted to present it to you too.With the name of Paparazi,it can be found at the Lollipopz new mainstore..why don’t you take a look too.

Amazing red UK couture outfit and heels,lovely skin from Unique Megastore and the Paparazi hair from Lollipopz,all are waiting for girls like you.

~Shops List~

Outfit:[ -UK- Couture – Elika Couture Red-/ by Corbantis Priestman
Available at Uk Couture

Hair: LollipopZ Brave -Black- Lollipopz / Designer: Zeev Dinzeo
Available at Lollipopz NEW Mainstore

Skin: Sasha- UNIQUE MEGASTORE/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Unique Meagastore

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