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GIA Style Card //Preparing for fall..with Armony..

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I became really bored of a thing..summer dresses.Ok bikini’s are cool but they aren’t anymore the style of the day because everyone wears them..and more than this we are closer to the fall we have to take a look of future[of course we will present summer dresses too but since now not to often ..we will pass to the fall collections].So that’s what i am going to do today too,present you how we will look in the future,how we can style up in time for the next season ,and in the same time where we can find our best shoes.I have for you today a new release that will impress you and you will want to own it ..or if i think better we have 2 new releases the new release week lmao,since all designers are preparing theirselves ..and their shop for the fall collection.Just take a look at your favorite shops and you will see how many changes already have done..and autumn didn’t come yet.But let’s stop talking for the second and come with me to present this fantastic things for today…because like always we have another special shopping day.

How i said this is one of the impressing dresses from the fall collection of Jador.The dress that made it self famous because of the amazing feathers,and of course because of it’s look ,giving it a carnival -sexy-elegant look.Maybe the things that suggest the fall in this dress are the amazing feathers that give you and elegant look,because their are situate all around your head .And the surprises still continues because this amazing dress comes with all theaccessories presented that lovely face mask and the necklace too.How probably i already told some people,i think that accessories are more a ethnic accessories giving this dress an fantastic look.You’ll love the next thing i am going to say.I presented in the picture the red color of the dress but at Mimi’s Choice mainstore you can find some other fantastic colors,that will make your dream come true : Red,Teal,Blue,Silver and of course Gold.All this 5 amazing colors of the dress are waiting for you ready to be styled up.My advice for all shopaholics and girls interested in fashion..or even guy’s that want to make a surprise to their love ,take a fast visit to Mimi’s Choice and look for the dress wearing the name of Armony,than you will have to decide which color you like the most..

As you could already see,the hair is a fantastic things that helped me a lot with styling up it’s so easy and fun to wear it.And the best part is that it’s a new released of the most loved hair designers Je*Republic.Like at the dress in the image you can see only a part of it,because in the designers mainstore they are hiding all the fantastic colors,so you can find your best very easy.But let’s return a bit to our photo.The hair name is JE*REPUBLIC-Garam and can be easily found in the hair zone at the Je*republic mainstore,as for the color i used the brick one.A thing that impressed me a lot at this new hair,is the feather .It’s so fantastic situated giving us a bit of victorian + elegance look but with the help of the dress we made it a carnival look too.I have a sentence that is something like this:You can’t be someone without wearing the best things,and this new release is one of the best…so press your tp button and go fast to the je*republic mainstore to see the other new releases that will impress you.

As we go on we have another place to stop,and that’s the shoes .I am sure that you already noticed that this shoes are an amazing creation by the lovely B&G .They are creating one of the best shoes around second life.I wanted a special color,not to red..not to dark..not to light…but finally decided that pink will rock.It was fantastic easy to find what i need,since the B&G WOMAN SHOE ALBA – Rojo COPY/NO TRANS were waiting for me was like they were shouting at me” need to have me too” so i couldn’t resist because i am a truly shopaholic and added it to my shopping bag lol..But i think now it’s your turn to visit their shop and find your talking shoes heheh *kidding* the best shoes that will fit with you

This part is the hardest for me..because i know i am at the end of this style cards,and that means i’ll soon have to say goodbye to you.But until that i have one more thing to present you,another surprise that i am sure you already saw it.It’s another amazing skin from the soul model collection with the name of Tiffany.The make up number is Tiffany_15_by_Nany_Merlin..but i am sure you’ll forget about it until you are there..because you are going to be amazed by the other skins she created.I love her works..i love her skins..and i love her shapes too..truly one of the best body designers around second life,and she deserves your visit,because belive me you won’t lose will just win some new experience in shopping hehe..

Now it comes the sad part when i must say goodbye.But even if i’ll go out now..i just remind you that the Mimi’s Choice store,is not closing ..and is waiting for you to buy that amazing dress.The Je*Republic mainstore is waiting you everyday with new best hairs,that is a must have …so make a visit to them.Best shoes in second life can only be found at a place B&G…And of course finding the best body shape and skin can be more..since we have the Soul Skin in the virtual world…i will just say like always have fun girls ..ama loves you all xoxo

-Shops List-

Dress:Armony-By Jador- from MIMI’S Choice store
Avaible ONLY at Mimi’s Choise mainstore

Hair: -JE*REPUBLIC-Garam-Brick Je*Republic-Jungeun Vella
Available at Je*Republic MainStore

Shoes: B&G WOMAN SHOE ALBA – Rojo- B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore

Skin: Tiffany female skin-make up 15 – Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

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