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GIA Style Card // Prepping for Date Night

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Ah, what to wear, what to wear. Before you slip into something slinky that will leave a lasting first date impression there’s some work to be done.

After setting your hair in curlers (or, in my case, makeshift ones) drink some wine as you take a long, luxurious bubble bath, letting the green tea face mask soak into your pores. The end result will be a youthful, glowing visage.

Still sipping your Jackson-Triggs Merlot, put on a Nora Jones CD and stand in front of your closet – you want to be fully relaxed while you spend the next 3 hours trying on outfit after outfit.

Remember, wearing a push-up bra on the first date will have him/her staring into the mesmerizing depths of your cleavage and not into your alluring and mysterious eyes. Choose comfort through-and-through, from your undergarments to your ensemble … and especially the shoes (we want you skipping at the end of your date, not limping).

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Skin: LeLutka: Eclat, Dark by Minnu Palen
Hair: Tiny Bird: Gattina, Dragees by Autumn Hykova

Undergarments: KΨoot Army: Cheeky Panty Set, Blue by Saeya Nyanda

Face Mask: The Loft: Green Tea Mask *give-out item from The Loft’s Wisteria Bathroom set*
Nails: SINdecade: Nail Polish Set, Punch by Trin Trevellion

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