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GIA Style Card //Ready for business

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Hey guys..most of us are waiting for this style card..Belive me i know how hard is to find the perfect business outfit.You know you have to look fantastic but you can’t find that outfit..well then i have a fantastic lil pack from Donna Flora Store.

Actually looking at the picture you may say that there are 3 outfits..that’s wrong there is one outfit that can be mixed and matched to create different styles..and the pants version of the outfit.If you want to look very elegant but in the same time a bit formal you should try the simple flexi skirt one,i am sure it will be perfect.If you want to be 100% business then you should try the cream version of it.Or if you want to be elegant-business-sexy then you should try the pants version.Both stuffs can be found at Donna Flora store with the name of** Donna Flora * KAREN* or ** Donna Flora * KAREN pants*.

The next thing i used in this style card are the Bella Donna shoes.They are a perfect design made by Squinternet Larnia & Erpla Prieto together being the best team.This shoes are named .:Bella Donna Poison #3 and are the perfect choice if you are going to wear the skirt version of the items.I hope you will like them..and don’t forget that Erpla Prieto has her own shoes store named Periquita Shoes.

There is a thing in this style card that i absolutely love.I am wearing it since i got it and i find it the best’s the hair style design by the well known Truth Hawks.I am sure you know that he is releasing new stuffs every week,so i decided to use some of the stuffs he already have in his store ,for example this hair that is named >TRUTH< Rebecca - chestnut.To see more of his stuffs visit his mainstore..the best in hair designs -Shops List- The Outfit named ** Donna Flora * KAREN* ;** Donna Flora * KAREN pants*.
and of course the Bella Donna Poison #3 designed by the 2 fantastic designers : Squinternet Larnia and Erpla Prieto can be found at the Donna Flora Mainstore

Hair: >TRUTH< Rebecca - chestnut Truth/Designer-Truth Hawks
Available at TRUTH

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