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GIA Style Card // Reality Bites at Milk Motion

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The newest skin packs at Milk Motion, designed by Marie Lauridsen are simply real. This shop is actually a place where we can also find a little but growing selection of unique accesories, like the Skull Necklace shown here. The skins we’ve selected belong to Ninon and Alice collections. The last ones come in freckled and no freckled versions.

Ninon is a realistic tanned skin. The one shown on the full body pic is the “basic” version. Next to it there ´s “blackeyes”, “blue purple” and “green” on the bottom.
Alice is a pale ivory skin with dark eyebrows that give a kind of 80s look that rocks! in the pic, there ´s “black eyes” (full body), “nude” in freckled version, and “special the look”.

Will you dare looking so shockingly cool?

Shop Milk Motion!

Credits :
Review by Lalu Bonetto, GIA Stylist
Photo by Miu Edman, GIA Photographer

[Style Cards]

Style 1 :
Skins : Ninon basic, Ninon tan-black eyes, Ninon tan-blue purple, Ninon tan-green, Milk Motion
Necklace: my skull necklace *white/pink*, Milk Motion
Hair : Tapika-coffee bean, House of Heart
Undies : LOLITA AQUA, Rock me Amadeus

Style 2 :
Skins : Alice black eyes, Alice nude freckles, Alice orange special The Look, Milk Motion
Jewelry set: Tibetan Dzi Stone
Necklace: Yak&Yeti
Hair : MMS Hair-SAAB, beach blond, Minnu Model Skins
Undies : French Lace Soft Grey strapless 2 piece, House of Nyla

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