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GIA Style Card //Revolution just started..

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Morning sweeties.I am so happy to write this style card and i must confess that i am honored to present the STYLE OF THE WEEK.This outfit will take us back in times not in the victorian ,but in the revolution one..we will change the power of a women and we can prove now that we can be better than any guy.We are going to try a amazing pair of shoes like always ,and to style up our hair with an amazing look that will make us shine everywhere we go.I just want to say…take a look if you dare ..and if you are a true shopaholic because you will die after this style.

Like always i will start with my favorite part of the style cards the outfit.I am sure that you already saw that this is not a usual outfit,is something special ,and that’s true.It another create by Jador with the name of Revolution.In the past women weren’t allowed to wear pants ,people wanted them to wear long dresses .But looks like i am here to change the past and since now i allow every women to wear absolutely all kind of clothes she loves.One of the things that make this outfit so special is it’s color,just looking at it you will feel like you are traveling with a time machine in the past.It’s amazing belive me.Another thing i love is the necklace ,that is on the dress.And of course that amazing style of sleeves are rocking too.I am sure you’ll enjoy all this dress.You can wear it at a masquerade or at a specific party it will fit amazing.A step for a women is a big step for take a look at Jador mainstore,they are hiding the best outfits.

Another thing that i am sure you loved is the Hair.It’s another master piece created by the famous Sky everett,the best hairs in second life in my opinion.One thing that i loved at it is that it comes with that amazing hair accessories and ear rings,giving it a more realistic look.How you can see you won’t be able to wear this hair style on the street,is to sophisticated for that.You can wear it with gothic clothes,victorian and revolutionary one.All that kind will look amazing.Just imagine how it will look with a mini skirt,absolutely NO.The hair named Sky Everett Designs-Rivenspire Hair -Gold jewels can be easly found in the Sky everett mainstore that you should visit because that’s the paradise of the true beauty of the hair styles..

We have some more things to present you for example how i already said we are going to try some pair of shoes,but not the usuals one.Something that make us look elegant and let us take the control in a war.Of course being a little girl won’t be easy so i decided to wear heels ,usually heels give us the power of domination and elegance ,and i was right it fitted amazing with the outfit.How you can see in the picture that heels are an amazing creation by the famous B&G shop the shoes designer that make our fashion life everyday better.A thing that impressed me at this shoes were that flowers on it with diamonds in the middle giving it an expensive look.This shoes are named B&G WOMAN SHOE MELODY – NEGRO – COPY/NO TRANS and are a fantastic creation that in the same time give you the permission to make your nails look great anytime .So belive me buying it you won’t lose anything you will just win ..

And we are going to finish this style of the week card with the impressing skin that is another lovely design by Soul Skin.With the name of Sasha model skin ,it is one of the models skins together with the Tiffany pack.But are the best try for a model since the make up rocks in all possible can wear them on the street,at parties,at conferences and even on the catwalk you will be the glamour part of the show.I am sure that people will enjoy it because of it’s realistic look that brings them from second life to real life.Is just the perfect choice for a women..and the best part is that soul is open everyday ,and ready to have you in their shop.

So how i said this was the style of the week,that i hope you enjoied.We combined the revolution look and bring victory for the girls with the help of the JADOR revolution outfit.In the same time we style our hair in such way we will be different from anyone in second life having near us the famous Sky Everett.Sometimes can be hard finding nice shoes to wear,but this time the B&G heels saved us really fast.And like always one of my favorite skin designers Soul was here too and offered us the Sasha model skin pack is your turn to visit all this amazing shops and choose what style fits you the best

-Shop List-

Dress: Revolution-By Jador- from MIMI’S Choice store
Avaible at Mimi’s Choise mainstore

Hair : Sky Everett Designs-Rivenspire Hair -Gold jewels — Sky Everett Designs Hair (Sky Everett)
Avaible at Sky Everett Mainstore

Shoes: B&G WOMAN SHOE MELODY – NEGRO – COPY/NO TRANS – B&G / Designer: Bg Planer
Available at B&G Mainstore

Skin: Sasha female skin – Soul Skins/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Soul Mainstore

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