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GIA Style Card // Rock it!

Posted in Fashion Review, Style of the Day, Women Fashion, Women Skin @ 4:44 pm on June 25th, 2009 by admin | 396 views

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Everybody loves music that gives you energy for hours and make you feel like a legend! Today I will show you how to dress up with an outfit that pays a tribute to rock'n'roll. Get ready to rock it out…

I took the decision to visit UK Couture shop designed by Corbantis Priestman and was excited to look at the current collection, the line is eclectic, stylish and beautifully textured. After a long tour around the shop I selected the outfit of the day, the “Rok'out Couture” ensemble. I die for its total black look and the UK sign sewed on the leather top gives it a realistic dimension. Most of the girls dream of such an audacious design, something that shows your boyfriend that you are still naturally sexy when riding a motorbike. And if you don't have a boyfriend yet, no doubt that with this outfit, you will find your guy !

The best part comes now : the set comes with a pair of black sunglasses, ready to make you look like a rock star. In the same shop I found the startling skin tone I am presenting today. At first I did not know that Corbantis creates skin tones and was very surprised by the skin range quality and delicious makeup options. I would highly advice to show off this skin tone with the associated shape because the look it creates is simply astounding. I am sure that as me, you will fall in love with the pinky, glossy lipstick “Rhianna” skin offers. It is a very thorough job and I applaud Corbantis on her first skin line production! It seems to me that UK Couture shop in SL is open 24/7… So what are you waiting for ? Visit this shop today… The shelves of the store will provide you with high quality clothes, skins and even footwear.

Let's go back to my outfit today. I wanted a particular hairstyle to match this ensemble and give it a rebel touch, something “artistically messy” if I can say. I found this one at a shop named LollipopZ designed by Zeev Dinzeo. I was looking around the shop and found accidently (or miraculously?) the great looking “Femme-black” cut, in black. I loved it instantly and it is in complete harmony with my rock'n'roll ensemble.

Here it is : an inimitable rocky style, both spunky and chic put together thanks to UK Couture outfit, sunnies and skin associated with LollipopZ hairstyle. I will let you go shopping, while I will be looking for a man in outlaw for unforgettable virtual ventures. Happy shopping !

Photo and fashion review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

Hair: La Femme – Black – LollipopZ / Designer : Zeev Dinzeo
Shop @ LollipopZ
UK Couture Today’s finds (Designer : Corbantis Priestman) :
Skin & Shape : Rhianna Skin & Shape
Outfit: Rok’out Couture
Glasses: Rok’out Couture (included in the set)
Shop @ UK Couture

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