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GIA Style Card// Santa is coming to GIA

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Soon Christmas will be here..and I am not sure yet about the decoration colors for my x-mas tree..i am thinking between red or if you can help me with a suggestion just drop me a note hehe.Anyway this is my first winter style card,when I will present 2 fabulous Designers :Deetalez & stay with me and enjoy the look that will change your winter for ever..

I will start like I always do with the outfit.The top is a new releases that let me with my mouth open.I just love it so much ,and it looks even better when you wear it.It Is named DeeTaleZ Tops long winter sweater brown and can be found in different texture one better then another..but this time my favorite was the brown one with the teddy's just so so sweet.To match this casual top I needed something very simple to wear as pants,same store,same designer and again a new release:DeeTaleZ tights cotton pantyhose brown .You can already see that I use a lot of brown and a lot of deetalez today.So match that 2 and you will love what will be the result.

I needed brown shoes too,and where can I find them?At deetalez of course.I just got out from their socks store and went to the shoes where I found this heels that impressed me,they are a must have girls. DeeTaleZ Shoes high heels brown ..they have all we need for today's style card,they are high quality,they are brown and they go very good with the rest of the style.

And the last thing I got today from their mainstore is the skin.I am sure you know,as you saw in the last number of GIA Magazine “Party Girls”we were sponsored by them..and the skins were fabulous.This time I used the DeeTaleZ Skin April makeup 2 Tan brown and since you know I am a maniac of this ..i worn it with the just make me feel a lot better.So if you are looking for the perfect style for x-mas you should check the Deetalez store,they have all you want.

And as I said at the beginning we have another designer on the list too,and I am one of the fans's Truth Hair.If you are looking for a casual hair and don't know where to find it ,truth will call you.They are one of the best in second life and they always have new releases(that's one of the things that always impressed me at them).In today's “brown” style card I used the truth Freda — espresso,I had the luck that the skin hairbase looks amazing with it.Of course you can get the Freda hair in a lot of other colors,you just have to chose your favorite.So no more looking for perfect hair,truth is here.

I hope you liked today's style card..because we had here Deetalez style combined with the lovely Truth hair..fabulous right girls?And don't forget to visit our web blog for more surprises..winter is just at the beginning.

-Shops List-

Top: DeeTaleZ Tops long winter sweater brown — Steffi Villota / DeeTalez
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Bottom DeeTaleZ tights cotton pantyhose brown — Steffi Villota / DeeTalez
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Shoes: DeeTaleZ Shoes high heels brown — Steffi Villota / DeeTalez
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin April makeup 2 Tan brown — Steffi Villota / DeeTalez
Available at Deetalez Mainstore

Hair: Freda — espresso —Truth Hawks/Truth Hair
Available at TRUTH

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