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GIA Style Card // Sexy look for girls..

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 11:39 am on September 10th, 2009 by admin | 16 views

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Morning sweeties.I prepared for you a very nice look,that includes one of my favorite boots too.Sexy hair,hot outfit and amazing boots are waiting for you.Let’s pass over the introduction and show you what i have for you for today’s style card.

CCC is another italian shop that created one of the best outfits.Well this time they sent us a sexy outfit too with the name of Amalia.I was more than honored to see my name for this outfit and i thx CCC a lot for that.The outfit is very sexy,and i would tell you to wear only in club and sexy parties.The thing that i love at it,is that it has a lot of feathers and as you know i love furs and feathers a lot they are my life[like diamonds].And that sexy skirt will make the outfit looking even better.CCC can be found at the italian mall too..and she has some other fantastic designs too..

You already saw them ..i am sure..BOOTS.As i said autumn came,so i moved from heels to Boots,they are elegant ,sexy and very easy to fit.Since the outfit is full of feathers ,boots are one of the best choice for it..and i know a shop from where to get them..B&G[Boys and girls] .With the name of B&G BOTA SENDRA – SERPIENTE GRIS ,they can be found at their mainstore.You will love it’s style not the usual boots,they are high boots and the color looks amazing with what we are trying to create ^^

Remember Soul Skins? Now it is named Unique Megastore but they still have the lovely model skins:Sasha,Tiffany,Desiree.After long time of presenting Tiffany, i decided that maybe Sasha should get for at least one card back on our website.So here it is..the Sasha skin from Unique Megastore..the perfect skin

It can be hard to find a good looking hair..but now everything is simple just after a visit at the Lollipopz mainstore.I wanted the hair to cover one of my eyes,so it will look a lot sexier,and it has the style we are looking for today.So as you remember Lollipopz has a new mainstore,and that’s the place where they hide their newest release..

Ccc,B&g,Unique Megastore,Lollipopz all are big designers in the virtual world..that are waiting for you to take a look at their designs ^^..i already’s your turn now

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