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GIA Style Card // Shoot for the moon

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The moon is one of the rare planets in the universe that men have been able to explore. Maybe that is this mystic environment that inspired Mew Denimore, the owner of the sophisticated shop named Addoro.

For today’s style card I chose the amazing dress named *Moon*. Definitely inspired by the star, the gown presents a shiny grey textures that makes it look like a high class, carnival-styled dress. When you wear it, it is like a fairy tale : you become the princess you always dreamed of. The set comes with 2 bracelets and a necklace adorned by little diamonds : it is a one-of-a-kind creation. If you want to shine on the catwalk or get noticed during carnival celebrations, this dress is most certainly the best choice.

Hanging over your hair, a sculpted half-moon prim will perfect your transformation into a beautiful creature of the night. On either sides of this unexpected and deliciously textured decoration, optional flexi prims will give you a prima donna look. After trying it, it was not possible for me to take it off… for days!

I was really lucky to get a short interview from one of my favorite designers in SL, the amazing Mew Denimore.

ABOUT ADDORO… (Style Interview with Mew Denimore)

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Mew! I must confess that you are one of my favorite SL designers, so I am truly honored to meet with you today. I was thinking that maybe you would share some style information with GIA Blog Readers. Let's start with this first question : for how long do you operate behind Addoro brand ?
Mew Denimore: …hum … I started with a so small shop in first but after just one month I had opened the Addoro main store in the Best Of Italian style sim. If you want a particular date, my first outfits is dated August 2008 : oh my god, in a few month is one year of production, haha !
A.F: Wow! That was really fast. Right now are you working on new designs?
M.D: I continue to release outfits and how you know I don’t make only dresses but accessories too that I put in all my dresses to release a complete outfit and I make skins too. I’m working to release a new collection of skins, more realistic… I hope! And I’m trying to release some hairs too… lol… I made only 3-4 styles for now but they’re not for sale. You must attend for them, hehe.
A.F: Nice…! Let’s talk about the dress I chose today, the Moon. Where did you find the idea to design such a dress ? And for which occasion would you advice to show up with this luxurious design ?
M.D: In February the Best Of Italian style sim organized a carnival fashion show and Annemarie Perenti (the owner) asked me to release an outfit and I don’t like classic dresses so I chose to release an original dress. I got inspired by the moon because I released it in the night and I know that the moon is a nice, sweet star… but I released this outfit with other ideas in mind than these two adjectives… I think it is because I like a woman who’s not only nice and sweet but strong and sexy too, with a determined personality.
A.F: Would you say that it is one of your best outfits?
M.D: Yes, I think it is. Mimmi Boa likes it as well and a lot of customers appreciated it.
A.F: Ok Miss Mew, this moment together was fantastic for me and I hope to get the chance to interview you again soon. Thank you for your time!
M.D: Hehe, no thank you hunny… See you next time!

The ensemble would not look so exclusive without a hair cut by Sky Everett. I am presenting today the hairstyle called the*Sovereign* in black. Since the outfit is already eye-catchy, adding an unusual cut is the ideal way to spice up my look.

Girls… If you are looking for a carnival dress and don’t know where to go, Addoro shop is the perfect clothing solution. It seems to be shopping time 😉

Credits :
Photo, interview & review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Hair : Sovereign Black WO/lights — Sky Everett Designs Hair (Sky Everett)
Shop @ Sky Everett Designs Hair
Skin : Belle #1 Skins/shape — Belleza (Tricky Boucher)
Shop @ Belleza
Dress: Moon — Addoro (Mew Denimore)
Shoes : Moon (included in the dress set) — Addoro (Mew Denimore)

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