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GIA Style Card // Shopping maniac…

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I am back to work and today I am going to dress you up for a very important event in every women life… Shopping time! In this purpose, I have selected a look that is both casual and graceful. We will discover together one of the top designers around SL.

Where could we start this shopping tour, if not in the shop where fashion begins ? Deetalez is the brand I am talking about, owned by the brilliant Steffi Viollta. This store has got a lot to offer to fashionista : skins, accessories, shoes, and more! You will very probably find something that meets your style there. I made my choice today and selected *DeeTaleZ Outfit EAN DF052009034*. This adorable fair mini-dress comes with a well-designed scarf as well as a bag both of a marvelous golden tone. You can wear this ensemble everywhere it will make you feel comfortable and tasteful in any place. The outfit comes with premium nails and golden shoes — they match perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

My visit at DeeTaleZ shop didn't stop there since I still had to find accessories. I wanted something simple, maybe in black because it would look precious with the outfit. Mister Hennessy from DeeTaleZ helped me with this selection by showing me around their wide range of jewelry. My favorite was the *DeeTaleZ TG BG 16 Sect Triple Bracelet* that I associated with the lovely *DeeTaleZ Enamel Hoop 01 BackGS* earrings. Combined together, the look is simply adorable.

We still have a great surprise for you! At the same shop we found the amazing skin *DeeTaleZ Skin Agatha Glitter No. 4 tan* I picked up this makeup because it matches perfectly with the gold of my bag, shoes and scarf. It makes my face literally shine.

As I felt totally in love with the collection, I had no other choice than getting a style interview with one of the two shop owners, Dark Hennesy, who is the Manager and the Builder of DeeTaleZ.

ABOUT DEETALEZ… (Style Interview with Dark Hennessy)

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello mister Hennessy, I am really honored to have the chance to chat with you. Do you have some minutes for a fashion interview? I am sure that GIA Style Blog readers will love to read it.
Dark Hennessy: Hey Amalia, my pleasure *smiles* Of course, I have time for you.
A.F: Amazing… Before we evoke this outfit, let's talk about your shop in general. When did you open your fabulous shop?
D.H: We opened DeeTaleZ in May 2009.
A.F: And how are the sales going ? I am very curious and I aks because the designs are very unique, very original. I personally love them.
D.H: Well the more we get known – the more we sell *laughs* But for now we can't complain about the sales though… Thank you very much for supporting us by the way *smiles*
A.F: Well, I love to support SL's top designers *smiles* Who is the principal designer of DeeTaleZ… You or Miss Villota? Or maybe both ?
D.H: The mastermind definitely is my girlfriend Steffi… I'm the Manager/Builder of DeeTaleZ.
A.F: I love how you work in couple, and you both are doing a nice job! Well as said in the introduction, I would like now to talk about the outfit I selected today, the DeeTaleZ Outfit EAN DF052009034. Tell me, who designed it and where was it inspired from ?
D.H: Very nice decision you made… Steffi designed it of course, hehe… She wanted to create something glamorous and tried a nice dress with some Gold tones… the outfit was done! *laughs*
A.F: Is DeeTaleZ going to create hairstyle soon ? I wonder because I noticed you have everything someone needs in your store : skins, shoes, outfits, nails, accessories…
D.H: Jewelry, tattoos, and hmm yea… Maybe we are going to create some hairstyles in the future too… If we find the time for that *smiles*
A.F: Amazing… I can’t wait to get back to your shop sometime soon to find my next addictions… Until that I want to thank you for the time you dedicated to this interview… Say hello for me to Miss Villota!
D.H: Thank you very much as well, Amalia!

Last thing we need is the hair cut. I wanted a bun and a fringe to give it a summer flair, my first thought was to get a cut that shows the earrings. I found the perfect one at LollipopZ store, the La Femme cut in black. There is a silver hair band that fixes my hairstyle and give it a princess touch. Zeev Dinzeo is a talented mind who creates feminine and irresistible hairstyle. A very nice store for sure!

Our outfit of the day is completed with the help of DeeTaleZ and LollipopZ. Visit those shops and enjoy 😉

Photos, interview and fashion review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Skin: DeetaleZ Skin Agatha Glitter No. 4 Tan – DeeTalez / Designer : Steffi Villota
Hair -Le Femme (black) – LollipopZ / Designer : Zeev Dinzeo
Entire outfit : Outfit EAN DF052009034 – DeeTalez / Designer : Steffi Villota

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