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GIA Style Card// Spring Fashion

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Many plans for today but no better to start the day than by preparing another blog post for my favorite readers . I am still very excited by new photo quality as you can see . Maybe thats why I try so much to deliver daily blog posts ( even though I am convinced I can keep up with that in the near future too ) . Until then time to show you some new releases.

I always search for designers on marketplace since I find it the best way to discover new ones . I must confess that I hate all those gacha pages but I suppose Ill just have to get used to them since it seems they are the new black in the virtual world . While surfing through pages I discovered this lovely coat by Murray which I find really sexy but also elegant . I am also featuring in the pictures a bag from their collection . Probably the hardest thing to do when preparing a style card is finding hair designers . For todays look I contacted Amacci who provided me with the very good looking Candy hair that comes in many color versions to fit anyone tastes.

Like you all got used , the shoes are from KC Couture and are named Tokyo . I am obsessed with all their creations and I am so excited when they release something new because I know it will look stunning . As for the jewelry (thrust me , its pretty hard to find some high quality jewelries in the virtual world) I met the designer of Lazuri who was kind enough to provide me with a set of her new releases which are going to be blogged in the near future.

Enough for today , its time for you to go shopping . Dont forget to check the blog daily for more new releases.

Photos, styling and review by Amalia Foxtrot
GIA/Head Stylist
GIA/Director of Designers Liaison
GIA/A-list Group Manager

-Shops List-
Coat: Fontaine Cashmere Coat – Pearl- Murray/Designer: Olivia Murray
Available at KC Couture mainstore

Bag: Ekberg Leather Tote Blush- Murray/Designer: Olivia Murray
Available at KC Couture mainstore

Necklace: Marzia Spring Edition- Lazuri. /Designer : by Zuri Lyric
Available at Lazuri mainstore

Hair: Candy – Amacci /Designer : by Carina Larsen
Available at Amacci mainstore

Head: Melissa 2.0 Milk – Genesis /Designer : by GenesisLab
Available at Genesis mainstore

Shoes: Tokyo – KC Couture /Designer: Klari55a
Available at KC Couture mainstore

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