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GIA Style Card // Street Look

Posted in Fashion Review, MV-SL-Fashion, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion @ 10:37 am on October 26th, 2009 by admin | 22 views

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In this style card i am going to present you the new face of a old store named Mimi’s Choice owned by Mimi Juneau.After a long time of a work she finally changed her store in a bigger one,more elegant and now ready to present a lot other brands too.

But anyway this time i decided to get from her a very casual-street look .You should know that if you want you can wear the long version of the top for cold seasons and the short version of it for hot seasons it just depends on you ..where you want to go and how you want it.Together the ::GB::CheckDownVestSuit White _F(FUR) and the ::GB::Highneck sweater(B) create the fantastic style i present you in Monday’s Style card.If you think you are enough cool to look fantastic tonight you should visit her store..because you will have a lot of new surprises too.

And here it comes the part that i totally loved ..the amazing boots.How you can see this boots are changing the fashion in second life,they are not very elegant but they are very interesting made.As i realized they are not easy to wear,and only if you have the right outfit will fit perfect [Try for skirts with this].So this high boots are named DMC extreme black re * FJ Design * and can be found at the fabulous Mimi’s Choice store..take a visit for best shoes too.

We go on and we stop at the hair.Like all the items in this style card the hair is an lovely creation that can be found at the same store like the other stuffs already presented.Actually i am not a big fan of hats..but i must confess that in this case they are a must have.That’s how i found the W&Y MODEL HAIR 4 TYPE C made with so much love,this hair can be named the best for our street style.Of course the best part is that you can change the hat color so it can fit with everything you have in your inventory..all of them just at the Mimi’s Choice Store..

So i must tell you this again because i was amazed of the hard work they did there.Mimi Juneau remade her mainstore in a bigger one,with a lot of space ..and of course a lot of new brands.So if you are trying to find the most glamorous shops that will be absolutely Mimi’s Choice

-Shops List-
The next items :
-::GB::CheckDownVestSuit White _F(FUR)
-::GB::Highneck sweater(B)
-DMC extreme black re * FJ Design *

And a lot others can be found at the Mimi’s Choice Store

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