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GIA Style Card // Suburban Boy

Posted in Fashion Review, Style of the Day @ 11:23 pm on March 11th, 2009 by admin | 23 views

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Since I have the british vibe lately, I decided to go on with this style, presenting you today one of my latest styling with an english flavour.

Styling Tips – Kids from London suburbs prefer to dress up with informal yet classic garments. The two-tones sweater I am presenting, with its dark grey and black stripes present the perfect shape to show off two must-have fashion pieces : the white jacket and the tie. While they are two elements generally synonymous of an upscale and professional look, they turn out to be the perfect urban chic combination since they look unsuited with my dirty, rugby sweater.

To perfect my style of the day, I got a pair of shoes inspired from the inimitable Chuck Taylor All Star under the Converse brand, which, in my humble opinion, will probably never go out of fashion. You know what ? Do not even think about getting a suitable urban look by putting together socks with a bermuda : I find it to be a real disaster in the male fashion world! You would rather go for something tight yet fashionable such as blue jeans with a very stylish hemline.

Credits :
Review by Jhao Oh, GIA Stylist
Photo by Danial Guisse, GIA Photographer

[Style Card]
Skin : (Dernier Cri) -DC- Cole: Cream – Full Chin Hair
Hair : (Dernier Cri) -DC- Liam

Pants : [Random] – Brand Jeans 202 (Dark Blue)
Shoes : AKEYO_shoes_CHUCKS
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