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GIA Style Card //The beauty of an avatar

Posted in Fashion Review, Style Card, Style of the Day, Women Fashion, Women Skin @ 12:17 pm on July 22nd, 2009 by admin | 23 views

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Usually when we like very much a shop we won't to own all their stuffs.Today I'll teach you how to style up in the “Beauty avatar” way.With just a visit to her shop you can get an entire look that includes hair-eyes-eyelashes-skin-outfit-shoes .So like I always do,I made a visit and selected my favorite designers,creating this impressing style that I hope you liked it like I did..Come with me ,and I'll tell you what is this all about.

Maybe you are asking how can that outfit look so great.Well I think is prove of the talent of the designer of Beauty Avatar.They createthe best things I could ever seen from outfits to skin .I love to shop in their store,it's amazing and so easy to find all I need .The designs in named *Beauty Avatar Couture*A&A Hime,and I must confess that is one of my favorite from her shop.I like a lot to wear it to fashion meetings ,it just fits because of the style.In the same time is a good city to go out,everyone will be amazed by how good this design looks on you…

As I said Beauty Avatar has everything .So here I found the amazing hair too.I had a hard chose ,since all the other creations look amazing.I love her rebel style,her way of designing .She makes it with such much love and elegance,it's almost impossible to move your eyes from them.This hair, *Beauty Avatar* A&A Hair – Eliana Noirs Pack ,is the best one I could find in her shop to look good with the amazing outfit.Isn't it sweet? :X

We have some more things to present you like the Eyes.At Beauty avatar you can find some of the best eyes in second life.They are so realistic and sweet.In the photo's I am wearing *Beauty Avatar* CRISTAL EYES 15.I love it's color and design and it fits amazing with the eyelashes from the same store.
Another important thing in the picture is the shoes.It may sound almost impossible to find the perfect shoes to fit this look.The *Beauty Avatar* EMMA Shoes — 01 look amazing.I love that are not simple heels,and of course the perfect goes really good with the color of the dress ,since it's black lol^^

I don't know why but I always finish my style cards with the skin .You can't look good just with some nice accessories and dress,you need a super nice skin too ,is like a girl can't look good in a photo if she is not sweet in the usual life.Again with the help of Beauty Avatar I fixed this problems [you know I like to resolveall problems lmao].The *Beauty Avatar Couture* ALYSSA – Natural Skin 01 it's such a great choice You must have it,and you must at least take a look at her other skins.

I like to present a style card using only one shop.I don't know why,this time Beauty avatar was our host who provided the outfit, the beautiful eyes,amazing skin,sexy eyelashes and the awesome shoes too.I love shopping a lot,and if you do to my advice is to visit Beauty Avatar mainstore.

-Shop List-

All the items presented in the style card are available at Beauty Avatar Store

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