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GIA Style Card //The black Dress

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Hello guys,it’s monday today and i prepared for you a elegant formal dress,that was just released.I won’t talk to much as i want you to see the picture..that will be the answers to all the questions you have about it..

Everyone knows the famous shop of the best in clothe designing.Well the good news,is that they just released an amazing formal dress wearing the name of RFyre SwanSong Black Flame Gown .A think that i love at it are the gloves,it gives it the elegant look.It’s the perfect choice for a formal party.You should take a look at the House of RFyre store and see what other amazing designs you will find…

Maybe you are thinking where to find the best hair for this kind of dress.Like always Sky everett i think is the best decision.Just entering her shop is enough to feel the smell of elegance ,and of course after you will see her designs you will want to have at least one.In this style card i chose to wear the Sky Everett Designs-Lady Hawk-Black…that is already available at her mainstore.

How i told you this is not going to be a long style card as we are going to view the pictures,they have all the answers.The last thing i will present you is the lovely skin that i am sure you already saw it somewhere.You can easily find it at the Unique Mainstore[Ex-Soul]With the name of Afrodite A3 M5 by Nany Merlin it’s one of the most beautiful skins from her store,and is a must have for a shopaholic like us.

So what was for today style cards?A formal dress that was just released by the House of RFyre,the elegant and sophisticated hair coming like always from Sky everett,and the last the beautiful Afrodite Skin from Unique Mainstore….visit their shops and see what else they hide there

~Shop List~

Outfit: RFyre SwanSong Black Flame Gown – RP / Designer : Raven Pennyfeather
Available as a new release Only at Raven Pennyfeather Store

Skin: Afrodite A3 M5 – UNIQUE MEGASTORE/Designer-Iarita Beck
Available at Unique Megastore

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