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GIA Style Card // The Little Black Dress (part I)

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Today we will travel in the mind of the one of the best designers, and find the perfect cocktail dress with a unique hairstyle.

Kira Ahn created a fantastic little black dress, called “Guci2”. Very soft, it is made from a silky texture and underlines perfectly my feminine curves. I wear it at all formal occasions I can attend, it is simply irresistible! The bottom of the dress is composed of a sculpted mini skirt with a fabulous laces fringe that gives it a unique aspect. I would recommend it as a night dress; it will be the perfect choice to enjoy the rhythm of the night.

This dress has the 2 styles that most women are looking for : it is both sexy and elegant . I have had the pleasure to interview Kira about it and she has been kind enough to answer my questions.

ABOUT THE DRESS… (Style interview with Kira Ahn)

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Kira, it is a pleasure to meet you ! I would like to know more about the wonderful [KA] *Guci2* Dress in black. Tell me, where did you find the inspiration to design this dress?
Kira Ahn: Nice to meet you too. I get my ideas from magazines or TV. The “Guci2” dress is actually a fantasy creation 😉
A.F : It really is a nice dress, I felt in love immediately when I saw it in your store. It comes in different colors, right?
K.A : Yes, the dress is available in 6 colours : blue, green, gold, silver, rose and black.
A.F : I'm curious to know in which category of style you would say that this dress goes best?
K.A : I think it's a more formal, sexy style… You can wear it for a party or a first date!

The hairstyle I'm presenting today was created by the talented Aemilia Case, designer of Philotic Energy. Very sophisticated, it gives to its owner the little “plus” necessary to shine in a socialite crowd. I went for the charcoal tone since it matches perfectly with the party dress. As for the skin tone, I would advice a tan one, such as the “Anne” line by [KA] Skins.

You should pay a visit to [KA] Designs and Philotic Energy stores : it's time to find the new style which will transform you tonight!

Credits :
Photo, interview and review by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]

Hair : PE Stephanie Charcoal by Aemilia Case
Shop Philotic Energy

Skin : [KA] SKINS V3 – Anne- Sunkissed-Med/ Dark Brows/ Make Up 02- by Kira Ahn
Shop [KA] Skins

Dress : [KA] *Guci2* Dress /black/ by Kira Ahn
Shop [KA] Designs

Shoes : !!Lusty!! Gangster Chick incl. sculptie Shoes with Sound by Cindy Rosewood
Shop !!Lusty!!

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