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GIA Style Card // The Look of a Party Girl

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Today I have a big problem… I have been invited to a formal cocktail party and I have what seems to be a closet crisis. It is hard for me to find a dress that is both conventional and sensual.

I was wondering where I would start and decided to pay a visit at Bliss Couture, designed by Amutey DeCuir. I heard about it through several blogs, magazines and fashion-related groups but never really had a chance to discover this place until lately. At my arrival, I realized that it was literally a palace filled with notable and refined gowns, the perfect place for my fashion needs of the moment. After hesitating between dozen of dresses, I decided to go for the Evelyn and its magic flower patterns. The prim skirt is really well-executed and simply irresistible.

A very artistic collar, made of a myriad of prims sophisticatedly put together perfects the outfit and bring a feminine touch to the ensemble. Its colors match perfectly the prim skirt for a cohesive and seductive impression.

It became my favorite sentence these days… I managed to get a short interview with the designer of Bliss Couture, Miss Amutey DeCuir. Read further and you will be amazed!

ABOUT BLISS COUTURE… (Style Interview with Amutey DeCuir)

Amalia Foxtrot: Hello Miss DeCuir, I would like to interview you for the agency's style blog, do you have few minutes for me ?
Amutey DeCuir: Sure
A.F: Amazing! So I would like to start with general questions about your brand and of course to know more about you. Do you operate Bliss for a long time ?
A.D: 2008, March.
A.F: Is that the date when the first Bliss shop was opened?
A.D: 20th March to be exact
A.F: Very nice! And where did you find the idea to name it ” Bliss Couture ” ?
A.D: I am an artist in real life, I have a series of work name Bliss.
A.F: That's interesting! Well let’s talk a bit about the dress I selected today the*Bliss Couture* Evelyn Dress (Original)… What inspired you to create it?
A.D: I am in love with the bold floral prints always and always wanted to have semi formal dress, that's how I started :)
A.F: In which category would you fit this dress? Casual, formal ? And why?
A.D: it’s pretty much in between casual and formal, you can wear it to a cocktail party as well as a birthday party or ballrooms :)
A.F: Hehe, amazing… Are you working on any new dresses? If yes when do you think they’ll be out?
A.D: I've at least 2 new items out weekly, one formal and one casual. I enjoy making them so much that I can't stop
A.F: I can’t wait to see them… Until that thanks a lot miss DeCuir for your time… Talk to you soon!
A.D: Thank you, Amalia *smiles*

But almost all depends on the hair too. I went to the hair dresser and tried to select my hair style of the day. With the help of the Exile store I found it! I chose the “Exile Love Story twilight” in black. I like how it looks on me and how it adds elegance to the dress. Now I can look sweet and graceful too.

Once it was up, I was simply amazed : a lovely hair cut, neat and simply chic. Even if it took me a lot of time to find it, I am proud of my fashion discovery. You should take a look at the EXILE store, it is impossible not to find the hairdo of your dreams. Excellent quality and wide diversity to allow you to perfect memorable looks!

I am going to end this style card with an amazing pair of shoes that I really loved, designed by N-CORE. Lately, I presented you its pink version, this time we will use the delightful black tone. As the pink one, this pair comes with this amazing gold bracelet that ends with the letter “N”, that is what you can call a sexy detail. The only difference with this version is that since black is a color that fits everything easily, you can match it with lot more outfits. The Infinity XtremeHeel is the newest design of N-core and I must confess that I own tons of their releases – the designers are skilled and show it! Waiting impatiently for the next releases, meanwhile I have a lot of fun playing with the colors options of the shoe I am showing above.

So for today we had an amazing outfit by Bliss Couture, an ultra sexy pair of shoes by N-core and the fantastic hair cut by Exile. I think it is time to let you party girls. Have fun and see you tomorrow for more style news!

Photo, fashion review and interview by Amalia Foxtrot, GIA Stylist

[Style Card]
Dress: Evelyn Dress -Bliss Couture / Designer : Amutey DeCuir
Hair: Exile Love Story twilight-Exile / Designer : Kavar Cleanslate
Shoes: Infity XtremeHeel black — N-core / Designer : Nuria Augapfel ,Claire Messenger

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